The Baby Registry Necessities

The other day I was talking to a friend and future new mother. She said she went and registered for their baby, so I had to take a look. And, then, without her asking, I sent over my two cents… stuff I thought that was missing, and stuff that is a waste.

It got me thinking, there are probably a lot of new moms in this neck of the woods that might like this experienced mom’s two cents, too. Right? Right.

So, here’s my list of absolute necessities. The stores want you to register for everything, but I don’t think you need it all. Especially for the first month or so. You can even create your registry on Amazon. What could be better?


You can’t leave the hospital without a car seat or go to the doctor without one.  Get it in the car beforehand too, and make sure you know how to use it.

Our pick:

Crib, pack n play, bassinet.

Somewhere for the new babe to sleep.  Whatever works for you.  I don’t recommend the bassinet.  You don’t use it very long.  If you have to pick, go with the crib.

Our Pick:


Diapers and wipes.

Cloth or disposable. You will use them a lot.  Like 10-14 diapers a day in the beginning.  Babies.  They eat, they poop, they sleep.  Repeat.

Our Pick:

Baby clothes

Depends on the season.  Spring/Summer=onesies.  Winter/Fall=sleepers.  Face it, those frilly/fancy outfits are cute, but you don’t put your kids in them.  If you do, they will spit up on them, poop on them, or they are just too difficult to put on.  I’d say you need about 8-10.

Our Pick:

Burp cloths

We used the old fashioned cloth diapers.  We had spitters.  They were good at cleaning them up.  I’d recommend at least a couple and see how often you go through them.

Receiving/lightweight/swaddling blankets

Easy to throw in the car seat and put on the baby if it’s cold at the doctor’s office or church, or anywhere else.

Our Pick:



Those little toes don’t have the best circulation.  They get cold.  And, they like to be swaddled.

Our Pick:


Bottles/ Breasts

How are you going to feed your little one?  If going with breast, you will likely need a couple bottles and possibly a breast pump, depending on your work status.

Your Pick:

Swing/bouncy seat

This is a toss up.  If you have to pick one, I’d vote for the bouncy seat.  You can use it longer.  And, honestly, our kids didn’t like the swing until like 2 months, and were pretty much over it by about 4.  The bouncy seat can be used to keep them elevated after feeding, or later for them to sit in while they eat.

Our Pick:


This doesn’t count the stuff you’ll need for mom. Maybe that will come next week (yeah, that’s a fun gift basket, but so practical).  I’m thinking also a what to pack for the hospital and maybe a diaper bag list coming soon.

So, really, that’s it.  I think.  Did I leave anything off?  Anything you can’t live without for your baby?

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