10 Gifts That Make Drinking A Lot Easier

Best Funny Drinking Gag Gifts

Are you looking for something useful to add to your drinking lifestyle? Do you find that holding a glass with your hand, hiding your liquor in public, and just standing up is such a hassle?  When adults drink alcohol, life choices quickly become all about convenience:

gag gifts for drinking

Seth: “But I don’t want to get up to get another beer! It’s too stressful.”

Stacey: “But I’d prefer to hold all three glasses of wine… at once.”

Nikki: “How can I continue drinking and play volleyball?”

Over the years, I’ve been introduced to many alcohol-related products that I believe will make your drinking Funday so much easier.  No more worrying about how you’re going to do this or that. No more having to choose between holding the glass or putting it down.  These 10 products will do all the work for you, you just have to focus on one thing: drinking. Although they require a little preparation while sober, when it comes down to it, you’ll be the happiest drunk at any party, event, or school function.

 C3 Beer DELIVERY Rover RC Cooler

Don’t you ABSOLUTELY HATE getting up to get another beer?  Have the beer come to you.  Beer should always come to you. Be the envy of your friends as you deliver cold beverages and hot music with your remote-controlled C3 Rover Cooler.

remote control cooler.


Beer Can Wraps

If I drank soda, Skunkpiss is probably the one I’d most likely choose, but it’s good to have a variety depending on the day. They match most beer cans pretty well.  I bring these everywhere: parades, the office, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

Beer Can Wraps
Hide a Beer Can Cover Wraps Beverage That Looks Like Soda
  • Disguise your 12oz Canned Beverages to look like a Soda Can by a well-known brand
  • The Beer Beverage bottle set can fit nearly all standard 12 fl oz (355ml) beverage cans except skinny can brands.
  • Easy to Carry and Easy to Install and Remove, When you are done using the sleeve it will fold right up and fit into your pocket.
  • This product is not intended to deceive the law, Drink responsibly.

Go Plate 1Handed Plate

Who said everything has already been invented? Simple in design, yet genius in function.  Even the name sounds fun!  When loading up on food and drinks, you always run out of hands.  I found The Go Plate to my favorite party plate.  Fill that now-empty hand with another drink!

Go Plate
It’s a one-size-fits-all solution, accommodating most cups, cans, bottles, wine glasses, and even martini, cocktail, and beer glasses.

Binoculars Flask

Makes bird watching with the family quite bearable.  I also liked the double storage feature.  Each side can hold a different drink!

Binoculars Flask

  • The ultimate gameday or festival companion!
  • Made to look like real binoculars
  • Each eyepiece features two 8 oz. reservoirs
  • Includes funnel and shoulder strap for easy transport and use

Sunscreen Flask

This flask was so convincing that some idiot pulled it out of my bag and poured it all over himself wasting half the bottle.  Choose your friends wisely.

Sunscreen Hidden Flask
Cruise Flask Hidden Flask – Sunscreen and Tanning Lotion Set
  • Made with NON-METALLIC Materials, Undetectable by X-Ray Scanners, and Other Detectors
  • Kit includes Two (02) 8 oz Flasks disguised as a Sunscreen and Tanning Lotion tube with leak-proof flip top caps, and one Funnel for easy filling, plus a FREE 32 oz Genuine CruiseFlask, and 10 adhesive press seals for extra protection.
  • SAVE MONEY: Save lots of money on your next vacation, and bring your alcohol with you!

Rednek Wine Glass

Sometimes I want to drink out of a glass, sometimes out of a bottle, and sometimes out of a classy-stemmed, standard mason jar.

Redneck Wine Glasses
Show your Redneck Class by serving your friends with… Original Redneck Wine Glasses

WineRack Bra

Although I can’t say from personal experience, I imagine going from sports to wine without changing bras has to be pretty fantastic.

WineRack Booze Bra Flask
The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask – Adjustable Design – Holds 25oz of Booze
  • HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE – The WineRack Holds 25oz or 750ml of Your Favorite Cocktail. Includes Specially Designed Bladder to Conceal Your Sauce.
  • NOT ONLY FOR WINE – You Can Fill it with Vodka, Tequila, Rose, Prosecco, Rum….The List Goes On.
  • NOW FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Brand New Design that Adjusts for Waist and Shoulder Straps.
  • BRAND NEW COLORS – Never Before Released Brand New Color Designs. Get a WineRack in Your Favorite Color or Occasion.
  • WORN ON TV BY – Kathie Lee, Olivia Munn, Kelly Ripa…and Many Others.

Big Mouth Wine Glass/Bottle

No longer am I looked down upon for drinking straight from the bottle.  Glad I found this handy glass. The BigMouth Inc’s Wine Bottle Glass is the perfect gift for the wine snob in your life (even if it’s yourself). The front reads, “I Only Have Time For One Glass” so everyone will know your intentions.

Big Mouth Wine Glass/Bottle
BigMouth Inc. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass – Holds an entire 750mL Bottle of Wine
  • HOLDS AN ENTIRE BOTTLE: This Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass holds an entire 750mL bottle of wine—or just one serving *wink wink.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: If you’re looking for a great gift idea for wine drinkers, this is it! The extra-large wine glass that holds an entire bottle is great for anyone who says they just want to have one glass.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This unique and funny giant wine glass measures 11.5” tall and 3” wide. After you enjoy your one glass, hand wash and store for later.

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Holding a glass of wine in my hand is the most frustrating and inconvenient thing I’ve ever experienced in my adult life.  At least someone gets it.  With this product, I can enjoy life again. This sassy neoprene sling holds your wine glass when you need both hands for other pursuits. Rubberized lining offers extra gripping power. Washable.

 Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Little Red Man Corkscrew

Screwing a little man for a bottle of wine? I’ve seen worse. This awesome happy man bottle opener is the perfect party must have! it’s a super awesome way to open that bottle of alcohol!

Little Red Man Corkscrew
Unique Wine Corkscrew, Redman Wine Opener from Galashop
  • Lighten up your party with this naughty Wine Bottle Opener and make your guests laugh! This little guy is hard and ready for action!
  • The best fun gift for many occasions – a birthday, wedding, shower, bachelorette party, housewarming, etc.
  • A hilarious wine accessory that will spark a lot of conversations.
  • A perfect present for a wine enthusiast, family member, best friend, roommate, colleague or any person with a good sense of humor.
  • Will become a huge hit in a wine gift basket. Made of hard, durable plastic.

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