Best Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

13 Ideas for Bridal Shower Cakes

If you’re planning a bridal shower, you’re probably thinking about food. Well, these bridal shower cake ideas can help you with at least one part of the menu: dessert.

There are lots of dessert choices out there, but I think that cake is special. After all, big, important events like birthdays and weddings almost always have a cake to make them even more special.

Bride and Groom Shower Cakes
via Betty Crocker

But cake comes in a lot of different shapes and forms. Some bridal shower cake ideas are really simple-looking, but stand out because of how delicious they are. And other bridal shower cake ideas are decorated so that looking at them is almost as good as eating them!

So what kind of cake do you get for a dear friend who’s getting married? The answer is whatever you think she’ll like best — and if you want to go for something specially themed for a bridal shower, here are a few fun bridal shower cake ideas:

Bride & Groom Cakes

Nothing says “wedding” quite like a bride and groom. After all, the wedding is all about them! And that’s why bride and groom cakes are such perfect bridal shower cake ideas.

It’s also a great way to include the groom, especially if the men are invited to the party, too — sometimes the poor men get overshadowed by us girls at a wedding!

Here are a few good bridal shower cake ideas that follow the bride and groom theme.

Bride & Groom Initials Cake

If you’re looking for a bridal shower cake idea that’s simple and elegant, then the bride and groom’s initials cake is a great idea for you. It’s just any kind of cake, with any kind of icing. But on the top of the cake, you write the bride and groom’s initials in frosting, using a pretty script.

Monogrammed shower cake
Photo via Cake Central

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Bake a cake that’s the right size for the number of guests you plan to have.
  2. Frost the cake any way you like.
    • If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want to leave the surface of the cake flat so that it’s easier to get the frosting letters on there.
    • Something that’s simple but looks good is to frost the cake one color, like white. Then pick another color, like a soft blue, and make little rosettes around the top and bottom of the cake.
  3. Write the initials on the cake in frosting.
    • To make it easier, you can trace out the letters you want to write with a toothpick or knife so that you have an outline to follow.
    • You can also do the first layer of script using the same color frosting as the top of the cake. It’ll give you an outline to follow, and it’ll blend back into the cake if you make a mistake. Then just follow the outline with a different colored frosting for a neat layered effect.
    • If you want to use a nice, fancy script, but aren’t really sure how here’s a trick. Open a word processor, like Microsoft Word, and just try out different fonts with the letters you want to write. When you find something you like, you can even print it out the size you want, to use as a guide!

Bride & Groom Name Cakes

The bride and groom name bridal shower cake idea is really similar to the initials cake. But instead of one big cake with the bride and groom’s initials on it, you make two cakes: one for the bride, with her name, and one for the groom, with his name.

How do you do it? The exact same way as you would the initials cake. But instead, you bake two matching cakes.

Tuxedo and Dress Cakes

If you like the idea of the bride and groom theme, but want bridal shower cake ideas that are even more unique, then try out the tuxedo and dress cakes. Just like for the name cakes, you have one cake for the groom, and one for the bride.

Bride & Groom Bridal Shower cake
Photo via Betty Crocker

But you don’t write their names on there. Instead, you frost the cakes so that they look like a tuxedo and wedding dress!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Bake two matching cakes.
    • Heart-shaped cakes work best, but you can also use a circle or square cakes and it’ll look great.
  2. For the groom cake, cover most of it in chocolate frosting, leaving a small triangle for the white frosting for the shirt underneath. Then pipe on buttons, a bow tie, and lapels. That’s it!
  3. The bride cake can be mostly colored in white frosting, with some embellishment like rosettes or filigree patterns.
    • You can even make some light pink or yellow frosting to add a neckline to the dress.

Bride & Bridesmaids Dresses

If you’re having a bridal shower where it’s just the girls, then the bride and bridesmaids’ dress cakes are one of the coolest bridal shower cake ideas out there.

What are they? Cakes shaped like a bride or bridesmaid standing upright in her dress! It takes a special cake mold, like one of Wilton’s wonder mold kits.

Depending on how many people you have coming to the party, you can have one bride dress, or you can include the whole bridal party.

Bride & Bridesmaids Dresses
Bride Dress Cake image via One Stop Party Ideas

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Bake a cake in a wonder mold.
  2. Frost the skirt in white or whatever color you want the dress to be.
    • You can use fondant or just plain frosting and it’ll look great.
    • You can pipe on decorations like filigree patterns or rosettes to make the dress a little fancier.
  3. Insert a doll pick on the top, and you’re done!

Engagement Ring Boxes

Here’s an idea that works for any bridal shower, whether you’re looking for bridal shower cake ideas that are classy, fun, or a bit of both: engagement ring box cakes.

And it’s really versatile, too. You can have one big cake like a 2 or 3-layer 9 inch square cake. Or, if you prefer something closer to the actual size of a ring box, you can make cupcakes or cut up a square or rectangle cake into lots of little ring boxes.

engagement ring box cakes
image via

But no matter which type of cake you go for, here’s how you do it:

  1. Frost the top of the cake in one color — this is the cushion that the ring sits on. You can even trace out a little slit in the frosting for the ring to go in.
  2. Frost the sides of the cake in another color — you’re making the outside of the box, so chocolate is a great option for frosting. It looks like a classic dark ring box.
  3. Overlap the sides a bit on the top of the cake, creating a raised edge. This way it looks like the little ring pillow is inside the box!
  4. Place a ring in the center of the cake.
    • If you make little cakes like cupcakes, you can buy a whole bunch of fake engagement rings at a crafts store or even a dollar store.
    • If you make one big cake, you’ll want a bigger ring! Try slicing off a section of a round cake to make the ring, or even using half a doughnut. Frost it, and place it on the ring pillow. For a diamond, you can find a big fake gem at a craft store.

Intertwined Rings

Before my wedding, one of my favorite ways to indulge that “I’m getting married!!!” feeling was to stare at my husband and my wedding bands. They were so shiny and perfect and I couldn’t wait to wear mine.

And that’s why the intertwined ring cake is one of my favorite bridal shower cake ideas. I find it’s just such a wonderful symbol, and it reminds me of all the times I opened that ring box to have a peek.

And even though it’s really a great, special-looking cake, it’s not at all hard to do. Here’s how:

  1. Bake 2 round cakes and let them cool down.
    • If you prefer a thicker cake, you can make 4 round cakes so that you can layer them.
  2. Now you want the two circles to overlap. On one of the cakes, trim off the part of the cake that would overlap, and push the two cakes together.
  3. Frost the cake any way you like.
    • One idea is to have the top frosted in white, with yellow-gold sides. Then you can pipe on the rings with a wide, flat tip, or make the rings out of rosettes, or anything else you like.
  4. If you like, you can also write something on the cake inside the rings.

Tiered Cakes

Of all the bridal shower cake ideas, nothing is quite as elegant as a tiered cake.

It’s the classic style for a wedding cake, but it works just as well for plenty of other events, including a bridal shower — the decoration is what’ll make it stand out for the occasion.

Tiered Bridal Shower Cakes
Tiered Bridal Shower Cake via

You do need some special equipment for this bridal shower cake idea.

  • The most important is cake pans. The tiered cake can be made from circle cakes, squares, rectangles or even hearts. But no matter what shape you pick, you need a few different pan sizes.
    • Ideally, you should have pan sizes that give you at least a 2-inch step between each layer, so that you have room for decorations. So for a round cake, you could have 6 inch, 10-inch, and 14-inch pans — 2 inches on each side.
  • Tiered cakes can get pretty heavy. If you want to be sure that one tier doesn’t sink down into the next, you need some support.
    • First, cut out a piece of cake cardboard the size of each layer except the bottom one.
    • Next, place some pegs into each layer to hold up the cake board. That’ll provide a solid base for your cake, without crushing the layer below.

Once you have all the equipment, making the cake isn’t so hard.

  1. Bake all the cakes.
    • When you buy the cake pans, it’s a good idea to check the packaging to see if it tells you how much each tier of cake will serve. It can be a pretty big surprise to find out that one tier of cake will serve 50! So be sure not to bake too much or too little cake!
  2. Frost each layer of cake with an initial thin coat of frosting.
  3. Place the support pegs and boards, and stack the cake — it might be a little bit messy, but that’s part of the fun!
  4. Add any extra decorations you want — frosting bows, flowers, ribbons, rosettes or other designs, or fresh flowers, or anything else the bride-to-be will love.

Cake Trios

If you’re looking for bridal shower cake ideas that’ll look great, but that isn’t quite as complicated as a tiered cake, you can make a cake trio.

It’s simple: just make three cakes, and decorate them alike. They can be the same size, or you can have different sizes like a tiered cake.

Either way, there’s just something about having matching cakes that’ll make the whole presentation look much more impressive. It’s a case of 1+1+1=5 stars!

As for how to decorate, well, for this bridal shower cake idea, the possibilities are endless.

For different sized cakes, you can just decorate them the same way — the size difference will give some variety. If you have matching cakes, you can make each one follow a theme but still be unique. Here are a few examples:

  • One cake could have the bride’s name, the other the groom’s, and the third the wedding date.
  • You can have the same design but with different colors of icing.
  • You can use the same colors to decorate each cake but with a different design each time.

Gift Box Cakes

If you’re looking for bridal shower cake ideas that are all about a super fun presentation, then one great option is to go with gift box cakes.

The idea is really simple — either one big square cake or a whole bunch of little square cakes, decorated like wrapped gifts. A whole plate of cute little packages with frosting ribbons and bows — perfect for a fun party with friends and family, and gifts!


Here’s how you do it:

  1. Bake the cakes.
    • If you’re making one big square cake, you’ll want 2 or 3 layers to it, so that it makes a cube.
    • If you’re making little packages, you can either bake one big rectangular cake and cut it up into little squares once it’s cooled down, or you can get a special square cupcake baking pan.
  2. Make a few different colors of frosting. It doesn’t matter which colors, as long as they go well together and they’re something the bride will like.
  3. For each cake, pick a color and frost the sides and top. Then pick another color, and pipe ribbons on with a wide, flat tip. You can make a bow with the piping set, or you can decorate the package with little flowers or bells or other trinkets from a crafts’ or dollar store.

Heart-Shaped Cakes

A heart-shaped cake is just about the simplest of bridal shower cake ideas out there. Simple, but elegant, and it really sends the perfect message. It’s all about love!

Unlike some of the other bridal shower cake ideas on this page, the cake’s shape is really the only thing that matters here. How you decorate it is up to you! The simple heart shape is what makes it special.

Heart Shaped Bridal Shower Cake
image via

The easiest way to make a heart-shaped cake is to have a heart-shaped cake pan. You can buy them in a lot of cooking and baking supplies stores. But if you’re in a bind, you can always use some more standard cake pans. Here how:

  1. Bake one square 8-inch cake, and one round 8-inch cake. You can make them bigger, but the square cake and round cake need to be the same size.
  2. Cut the round cake in half. Place one half against the square cake, the cut edge lined up with the side of the square. Do the same thing with the other half on an adjacent side. And there you go! A beautiful heart.
    • This method actually gives a very nicely proportioned heart, but it’s not as stylized and fancy and some cake pans can be. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for the bridal shower.

Underwear Cake

Depending on who the bridal shower is for, and who’s invited to the party, you may want some more risqué bridal shower cake ideas. And an underwear cake is a super fun way to spice up the bridal shower!

And really, it’s a party where women might very well give the bride cute underwear for her honeymoon. It’s part of the theme!

Underwear Cake
Photo via Anna Cakes

So how do you make underwear cake?

  1. First, bake a large sheet cake. Let it cool down, and trim it so that it looks like a woman’s upper body wearing some sexy lingerie — a nightie, panties, whatever.
    • If you like, you can bake a couple of wonder mold cakes for the bust. Depending on the crowd, it might be a little too risqué, or no problem at all.
  2. Frost the cake so it looks like lingerie. Lacy or frilly, red or white, whatever you like.

Alternatively, you can just leave the sheet cake as is, and decorate it so that it looks like a box that has some lingerie in it. It’s just a touch tamer.

The underwear cake is a really fun idea, but be sure that it won’t embarrass the bride or offend anyone. You never know, and it all depends on the guest list.

Truffle Topped Cake

A lot of the cakes that we’ve seen so far have really worked the bridal shower theme. But there are some great bridal shower cake ideas out there that are just plain awesome, delicious cakes, no matter what the occasion. A truffle topped cake is a great example.

I won’t say that everyone loves chocolate. But really, if you offer someone a chocolate truffle, odds are their eyes will light up and they’ll love it! So why not combine cake and truffles into one delicious super-dessert?

Truffle Topped cake

The idea is super simple. Basically, you just bake a cake and decorated it with frosting and truffles.

  • It can be a border of truffles along the bottom of the cake.
  • Or, you can have a little pile of truffles in the middle of the cake, and decorate around that. The truffles can be directly on the cake, or on a little plate or even in a cute chocolate bowl.
  • Shaved chocolate on top of the cake can continue the truffly chocolatey theme.
  • You can use a bunch of different truffles to give some variety. Some rolled in nuts, some covered in powdered sugar, some just plain… they’ll look great together!

Fresh Flower Cake

In some ways, the fresh flower cake idea is really similar to the truffle decorated cake idea. Both are great bridal shower cake ideas because they’re beautiful, elegant, and special cakes — not because they follow a bridal shower-specific theme.

Fresh Flower Cake
image via

And just like a truffle-decorated cake, the possibilities are endless.

  • You can stud little flowers around the borders of the cake.
  • You can add a few larger flowers to the center of the cake. My own wedding cake had some fresh lilies in the middle, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I may be a bit biased, though!
  • If you have a tiered cake, you can cover each step in pretty, colorful flowers.
  • Remember, if you want fresh flowers on the cake, they’ll have to be placed on the cake right before serving it or presenting it. If they’re out too long, they’ll wilt. So be sure that you order fresh flowers for the day of the bridal shower.

There’s really no rule. Fresh flowers will add simple, natural beauty and elegance to your cake, no matter how you do it.

Trinket in a Cake

Are you looking for more than just bridal shower cake ideas? Maybe you’re interested in a cake that’s not just dessert, but also a game! A trinket in a cake is just the thing.

Bridal shower games can really make the party a lot of fun. Some games help you get to know each other, and some games are just there for the fun of it, and some are good opportunities to give out prizes.

An easy way to turn a cake into a game is to stir a little trinket into the batter. Once the cake is baked, you won’t know where it is. Whoever gets the piece with the trinket wins a prize!

  • It has to be something non-toxic that will not melt, like a tiny ceramic figurine.
  • If you do bake a trinket into the cake, you really have to warn the guests. If people aren’t aware or aren’t careful, it can be a choking hazard, or someone could chip a tooth. And that wouldn’t be a lot of fun!

Well, that’s it for bridal shower cake ideas. With these different ideas, you can make anything from a super simple cake to an extremely fancy one — depending on what you need for your particular bridal shower, and how much experience you have decorating cakes.

I hope you liked these bridal shower cake ideas, and have an awesome bridal shower!

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