What’s a CBD Facial and Where in Austin can I get one?

Austin CBD Facials

A relaxing facial is the ultimate form of self-care for many of us. It not only forces you to slow down for an hour or so, but the right type of treatment can also work wonders for your skin. Anyone who enjoys a good facial knows that there is no greater pleasure than walking out of a spa looking and feeling rejuvenated—combine this with the endless benefits of CBD and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven.

You’re probably aware that inflammation is the root cause of a plethora of skin problems, ranging from acne to rosacea. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabinoids, they can be used to decrease puffiness, swelling, or even soreness.

When I need a moment to rebalance, reset, and relax, we reach for CBD. Its numerous skin and mental health benefits made it an obvious addition to my beauty regimen.

What is CBD?

CBD oil is the answer to your skincare prayers and we’re obsessed with CBD facials! Not to be confused with THC (the stuff that gets you high), CBD (which is short for ‘cannabidiol’) is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. It’s usually extracted as a powder and then mixed with oil to make it more effective and easier to apply. CBD can be ingested or applied topically, like in a facial, and from there will begin working its magic on your skin.

CBD Oil for Skin

It’s important to note that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same. While hemp seed oil is good for your skin as well, it only has trace amounts of cannabidiol, whereas CBD oil is chocked full of the stuff. It’s the cannabidiol where all of these banging benefits come from, so make sure to check!

What makes CBD such a lifesaver?

It’s good news for any beauty addicts with sensitive skin: studies have shown there are very few risks when applying CBD oil directly on your skin. Even better, CBD is an anti-inflammatory that’s well known for its soothing effects. This means CBD may help you control any rashes or red patches caused by skin products or the environment and help keep your skin on fleek while helping you manage acne.

CBD oil is also packed with vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are the ones that keep your skin radiant and POPPING by helping you control signs of ageing, redness, and sun damage.

CBD interacts with an underrepresented system in the body known as the endocannabinoid system. This system consists of receptors located in areas such as the brain, stomach, and central nervous system, which are in charge of ensuring that human bodies function properly. CBD, like a lock and key, locates areas of the body in which we are out of sync and restores the body to homeostasis, or balance.

Will a CBD Facial you get high?

Nope! CBD Facial products are made from hemp-derived CBD and will not get you high. Nothing will show up on a drug test, you will not smell like weed, and you will not develop a craving for Doritos. You will, however, feel your tension melt away, as if you had just gotten a good massage. After the facial, you’ll realize how tense the 42 muscles in your face were.

What if you’re pregnant?

When CBD is applied topically, there isn’t enough THC entering the system to cause concern in pregnant women. However, if you have any concerns, please follow the guidance of a medical professional.

Why choose a CBD facial over a regular facial?

A regular facial will give your skin an extra boost too, but why not splash out a bit and really indulge this winter? Human skin goes through a lot and a bit of CBD TLC wouldn’t go amiss. We LOVE CBD facials – the experience, that relaxing mindfulness touch, and the effects it has on our skin.

CBD is relatively safe, will not get you high, and can be an effective tool for hydrating skin, reducing inflammation, treating skin conditions, and having calming effects.

CBD is the answer to all your skincare prayers and could be the perfect choice for anyone, whatever your skin type, who wants to maintain their beautiful, glowing skin all year round.

Why not book yourself in for a CBD facial today? Facial experts brings zen vibes by blending breath work, meditation, and skincare in the  CBD facial that’ll keep the sparkle in your skin and your body and mind completely chilled. You’re welcome.

CBD Facials in Austin

CBD facials are becoming popular at spas, which are capitalizing on the buzzy ingredient. If you and your skin are in need of a pick-me-up, I highly recommend looking for one in your area. CBD facials are available in Austin at:

Spa Sway

11011 Domain Drive Suite 124 Austin, TX 78758, 512-873-0999

With the anti-inflammatory and anti-redness benefits of premium Clovertree CBD products, the CBD Ultra Facial calms and soothes the skin. You will feel relaxed, your skin will be wonderfully hydrated, and you will noticeably less red.

Austin CBD Facial spaTheir premium CBD products, including a facial serum and elixir, will be applied to your skin. It will thoroughly cleanse your face, unclogging your pores and leaving it refreshed. Following that, you will be treated with a CBD Honey Mask. While your mask is being applied, you will be pampered with an upper-body massage that includes CBD relief balm, which promotes muscle relaxation and thus enhances the effects of your massage.

Spa Sway is an award-winning boutique spa located in the heart of the Domain. This female-owned establishment has been voted Austin’s Top Day Spa multiple times and is #4 of 92 on TripAdvisor’s Spa/Wellness list. – spasway.com

There is a vast world of CBD skin care products available, and some claims are difficult to believe. Nonetheless, research and personal experience have convinced me that CBD as an ingredient in skin care has real benefits — with the important caveat of shopping wisely. The addition of CBD alone won’t make much of a difference if the other ingredients aren’t beneficial to your skin.

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