Best Austin Places To Play Chicken Shit Bingo

Play Chicken Shit Bingo in and around Austin?

Are you looking for something offbeat to do in Austin, Texas on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Why not try your luck at Chicken Shit Bingo. You may be asking yourself what Chicken Shit Bingo is, well think classic bingo combined with chicken poop. Participants buy bingo squares just like you would in a bingo hall and then you wait for the chickens to start pooping. If this sounds like something you might enjoy or if curiosity is calling your name, here are a few locations that offer bingo games either on Saturday or Sunday.

The Little Longhorn Saloon

5434 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 524-1291

Every Sunday we can do 4 to 8 rounds between 4:00p-8:00p. The band will announce where to line up outback (children 13 and younger go 1st and adults 91 and above go 2nd with proof of ID). Tickets are a $2.00 Donation and 1 Ticket Per Person (you must be in line). Once all the tickets are gone. Everyone gathers around the board. The Chicken is then placed on the board and picks her number in her own chicken pickin’ way. The Chicken Shit Official calls the square and notifies the band. The band announces the winning number and colors. Has those winners come up to the stage to collect there Chicken Shit Winnings. Then photos are taken of the CSB Winners and the next round begins with a whole new set of donations and colored tickets. –

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul

2008 South Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 215-0023

C-Boy’s is the swankiest club in SoCo. Continental Club owner Steve Wertheimer dedicated the venue to C-Boy Parks, who used to run the now-defunct Rome Inn. Opened New Year’s Eve 2013, today it hosts Dale Watson’s Chicken Shit Bingo on the back patio Sundays, while veteran gypsy jazzers 8 ½ Souvenirs hold court Tuesday nights. Muddy Waters’ harmonica legend Paul Oscher lays down the blues Thursdays. The upstairs bar recedes from raucous downstairs goings-on in a room modeled after its sister venue just down the street. Chicken Shit Bingo every Sunday starting at 3:30PM. –


Last Stand Brewing Company

12345 Pauls Valley Rd.
Austin, TX 78737, USA
(512) 373-3629

Last Stand Brewing offers a spacious beer garden and air-conditioned taproom featuring 14 rotating taps. Every third Sunday join us for Sunday fun day and Chicken Shit Bingo from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. Bring the kids and leashed dogs; all are welcome. –

Willie’s Joint Bar and BBQ

824 Main St.
Buda, TX 78610
(512) 295-0483

Willie’s Joint is a retro ranch house offering BBQ, ice cream and a full bar with indoor-outdoor seats. Chicken Shit Bingo is every Saturday and Sunday from 8-10pm till the end of November. –


Riley’s Tavern

8894 FM 1102
New Braunfels, TX 78132
(512) 392-3132

This historic tavern brings in live musicians that guests can listen to while dining on in-house pizza and enjoy the beer garden. Chicken Shit Bingo is every second Sunday of every month from 4-7 PM. All ages welcome.

What is Chicken Shit Bingo?

Formally known as ‘Chicken !@#$ Bingo’, the game is simple. There is a 10 X 10 square foot raised pen divided into bricks. Individuals purchase bricks online. The night of the event, a chicken will be placed by a blind-folded volunteer in the square pen. The chicken will then be loose to wander around the pen. Chickens usually relieve themselves within five minutes. Whoever owns the brick in which the ‘relief’ lands, will be the winner.

Will luck DROP Your Way?

In the event the ‘relief’ lands on a line between bricks, the ‘relief’ will be methodically removed and placed on a highly calibrated medical scale. A team of two properly robed judges will determine the results based on the percentage of the excrement in each brick. The winnings will then be awarded accordingly.

We will supply all the props: the pen, the blindfold, the judges’ costumes, the highly calibrated medical scale and most importantly the chicken! We will also provide all contributors access to view a live broadcast of the event through our web interface. Individuals may purchase a brick online by selecting a brick. Brick owners may opt to upload a personal photo to the “brick wall.” This wall will not only serve as a means of selecting a winner, but it will also provide a collage of donors for all nonprofits supports to see via a slideshow.

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