Holiday Gift Guide – Foodie Edition

Hi!  I am back for another installment of the Holiday Gift Guide.  Today, we will be focusing on gifts for the foodies in your life.  I am quite the foodie as well and could spend hours browsing through William Sonoma.  I am also one of those people that likes to read cookbooks for pleasure and not just to find a recipe for dinner.  Being a working mom, I am always on the lookup for things that will make my life easier.  Here is a list of my kitchen favorites.

Instant Pot

If you do not have an Instant Pot yet, you are missing out!  I got mine during Cyber Monday a few years back and now I cannot live with out it.  It is a multi-purpose cooker and you can use as a pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker and even a yogurt maker.  I use mine several times a week to make soups and stews, meats and rice.  I have even made homemade yogurt a few times.  You can use frozen meat if you frequently forget to take it out of the freezer like I do, which is an added bonus. It is fairly inexpensive for all that it does and would make a wonderful gift for cooks of all levels.

Capresso Burr Grinder

Once I learned about how bad the K-cups were for our health, I knew I had to ditch ours for a better, healthier alternative.  I had previously ground my own beans, but my coffee always tasted like crap and I could not get a consistent brew.  Truthfully, I had a cheap grinder that is really best suited for grinding spices.  I recruited my husband to do some research on a better grinder and coffee maker and he discovered this little puppy.  I died and went to heaven after the first sip of freshly brewed coffee.  You  are able to adjust the settings to get the perfect grind every time.  I prefer to have my morning cup of coffee at home, so this has been a very good investment.  I am sure any coffee lover would be thrilled with this gift.


I love and use this thing so much, that I could write an entire post on this bad boy.  A few years back when we were forced to clean up our diet, I found myself making a lot more smoothies, grinding up our own flour alternatives and making soups.  Our current blender was just not footing the bill and I needed to upgrade.  Once again, I enlisted my husband to do some research for me and we landed on this model.  It is now a staple in our house and is used several times of day.  I mostly use it to make smoothies, but we also use it frequently to make pancakes, waffles, soups and oat flour.  It is so easy to keep clean and  does a wonderful jump in blending up frozen fruits, which have been issues for me with previous blenders.  This is definitely an expensive gift, but one that will last for years to come.

Flirty Aprons

Who doesn’t want to look cute in the kitchen?  Wearing an apron in the kitchen is a must for me.  I am a messy cook and I have so many shirts that have been stained from my creations in the kitchen.  However, so many of the aprons out there are far from attractive.  I came across this company several years back and I thought the aprons were so unbelievably cute.  Luckily, I was gifted with one that Christmas and I still use it today.  As I am writing this post, I am thinking that it is about time for me to order another one.  They have so many cute styles and colors that there is sure to be one for every woman on your shopping list.

Weck Jars

Like many of the items in my home, I discovered these when I was trying to find a replacement to my plastic containers.  I really love this for storing my pantry items in.  I have various sizes and use them to store almost everything that we use on a regular basis.  They look nice in the pantry and also stack nicely to save space.  I have never used them for canning, but they have good reviews that and I have seen them used by many food bloggers.  If you know someone that is an organizing fanatic like me, they will love these jars.

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