5 Qualities of a Great Austin Personal Trainer

Find a Great Personal Trainer in Austin

Your motivation to lose weight & stay fit may increase with a private fitness instructor. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding to hire a personal trainer.

Even children are benefiting from certified personal trainers, who help them lose weight, learn new sports skills, and improve fitness levels. The benefits of hiring your own personal trainer or private fitness instructor include increased motivation to exercise, a healthy fitness plan, and more discipline. Personal trainers are like tutors for your fitness plans and weight loss goals.

It’s time to exercise and eat right. Some people do this by themselves while others go in search of a personal trainer – but what should people look for?

In Shape

A very obvious trait for every personal trainer. People who want to lose weight won’t get very far if their personal trainer is heavy (or heavier) than them. It’s like a first-grader teaching a class of graduate students. Be wary of personal trainers with poor physiques. Advice from such trainers on how to get a six-pack isn’t credible if they have a keg.

Credentials & Fitness Certification Programs

Personal trainers must be certified by a reputable personal trainer organization. Yes, such organizations exist. They should have certification in CPR and/or first aid. Remember that a college degree isn’t necessary, although helpful. Trainers must also be experienced in all areas of fitness such as weight lifting, fat loss, and proper nutrition. It’s another credibility issue in regards to fitness advice.

Get AFAA Certified! Group Fitness, Nutrition & Personal TrainingMake sure your personal trainer is certified through a quality program. The following high-quality organizations offer fitness certification programs – but if your personal trainer hasn’t attended one of these places, don’t immediately reject them. Find out where they obtained their fitness certification credentials, and research the institution yourself.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to hire a personal trainer or fitness instructor. You could also try your local health club, fitness center, or community recreation center.

Some of the best fitness certification programs are offered by:

  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Council on Exercise
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

No Cell Phone!

A great personal trainer will not have a cell phone on them while training. Cell phones nowadays are a societal and professional norm, but when dealing with clients all their focus goes to them. Plus, cell phones have ear-piercing (and sometimes even interesting) ringtones. These ringtones can prove to be very distracting to not only the personal trainer but the client. Clients hire personal trainers to simply help them get into shape. Trainers work with their clients but also for them.

An Order of Eyes On You, But Hold the Chit-Chat

The concept of a personal trainer is to help you and not check out other people. The trainer should have eyes on you the whole time and not on an attractive patron, who may also be a client. Sessions cost money, so the client (who’s paying it) should get every ounce of attention from the trainer. This point is an extension of “No Cell Phone”.

Another thing personal trainers must not do is make chit-chat during sessions. Sessions are meant for trainers to help you reach fitness goals, not be friends. After a session is fine, but during one? Forget it. Talking about goals and asking fitness-related questions are legit. A client’s marital woes have nothing to do with a fitness session and are, frankly, none of the trainer’s business.

An Upside Down Frown

The last quality is by far one of the most important. Personal training is basically a customer service job, and in such a field providing service with a smile is extremely important. Clients can’t communicate effectively or reach their fitness goals with personal trainers who wear a frown as often as gym shorts. When searching for (or researching) a personal trainer, being able to show off their pearly-whites shows that not only are they physically fit but mentally fit. Being nice is also an overall preference for many clients, too.

Fees for Personal Trainers

Fees for personal trainers range from $30 to $100 per hour, depending on the size of your city or town and the state or province you’re in.  Austin personal trainers earn around $100 per hour; small-town personal trainers or fitness instructors earn significantly less. Some fitness instructors come to your home; others meet you at a local weight room or health club, or at their own private gyms.

Hiring a certified personal trainer through a health club, your local gym, or a community recreation center may be a more economical option. Many community centers offer the services of a certified personal trainer for a reasonable cost.

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