Holiday Gift Guide – Health & Beauty Edition

As promised, today we are going to talk health and beauty.  While most women love to pamper themselves with good products, many do not want to spend money on themselves.  I am one of those individuals, so I love receiving these types of items as gifts.  However, I am rather picky about my products because I try to live as green as possible.  As a result, I have put together a list of my favorites that are guaranteed to make the women in your life very happy.  Not only are these products awesome as far as performance goes, they are also safe.  You have to be very careful with the products you put on your skin these days.  So many products are laden with harmful chemicals, which unfortunately wind up in your bloodstream.  As you can imagine, that cannot be good for our bodies.  Please do your research and make sure you are purchasing safe products before you put them in the hands of your loved ones.  Here is my list of gift ideas that are sure to get you some brownie points this year!

Purifying Charcoal Mask

I am a runner and all that sweat takes a toll on my skin.  On top of that, I have been dealing with some hormonal issues and have had a few episodes of breakouts, which no one want to experience in their late thirties or at any age for that matter.  This mask removes the toxins and impurities from your skin, leaving you with the cleanest skin ever.  It has a slight peppermint scent, which is delightful and fitting for a holiday gift.  My acne is gone and the appearance of my skin has never been better.  Both my tween daughter and husband also love this product, so this would be a good gift option for men and tweens alike.  I also love this amazing gift package that includes charcoal soap, which is another favorite of mine. Purified

The Gym People Crop Leggings

While I love workout clothes, I typically just settle for what I can find on clearance.  It is not something I tend to splurge on very often. I normally like to wear shorts when I workout, but I love these leggings.  They are so soft and keep everything covered, if you know what I mean!  I also love that they wash well and are high quality.  I own two pairs that I have had for several years and they still look like new.  I have a third pair on my wish list this year.  They are so comfortable that you can just wear around the house or out to run errands, no workout required. I am sure the women in your life would love these as much as I do.

Hydrating Face Oil

This is by far one of my favorite products ever!  I would never have even considered putting oil on my acne prone skin prior to using this product.  It contains jasmine, which hydrates your skin and creates an amazing, light floral scent.  You only need to use about three drops, so a little goes a long way.  This can be used in place of moisturizer, but I like to add a few drops to my nightly moisturizer to create extra hydration.  I tend to have very dry skin in the winter, even in Florida, and extra hydration is a necessity for me this time of year.

Tint Skin Foundation

Prior to discovering Beautycounter, I was a bareMinerals junkie.  That was until I discovered that it was not as safe as I thought it was.  As a result, I was on the hunt for a safer alternative.  With so many options out there, you would think it would be easy.  Unfortunately it was not.  The products that were safe, did not hold up from a performance standpoint.  The products that performed well had questionable ingredients. Thankfully, I came across Tint Skin and decided to give it a try.  It is by far the best liquid foundation I have used.  Since it is a Beautycounter product, I am confident that it is safe to use on my skin.  You can watch this video to learn more about the Beautycounter mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone.  This product blends well, covers impurities and even helps cover up fine lines and wrinkles.  That is a lot to ask from a single product!

LuLulemon Keeping it Warm Long Sleeve Black Shirt

If you live in Austin – You have heard of LuLulemon. It’s that nice little reflective symbol on the bottom of every shirt and on every yoga pant. If your in a class doing yoga or spin class – the majority of women Strutt their gorgeous booty with LuLulemon. One of our favorite LuLulemon’s shirts is the long sleeve black shirt that has those gloves. So cozy and comfortable. I tried to get this last winter and they were sold out. So do not miss out on these. It can be worn as excercise shirt or a shirt around the house or to work with a jacket thrown on top. Yeah for comfort.

LuLulemons Strappy Bra

Finally some sassy exercise bras. I hate to advertise too many expensive brands … But this bra is comfortable and keeps the girls tucked away – if you know what I mean. So here is a bra that looks good, it has that sassy look you always wanted. Big bonus is that you can wear it under a shirt and go get groceries. It is far more comfortable than a conventional Bra. Heck – I really should replace all my bras with these strappy sassy exercise bras.

Less Expensive than a Peloton – YOSUDA Stationay Bike

We all have seen the Peloton and then we see the price and just choke a bit – too expensive!!! I get that everyone wants to connect with a trainer or a community online with their Peloton. If its exercises you want and just want to get sweaty and work-out… this bike works just as well. There is no sticker shock or initial investment needed. Relatively inexpensive. There seem to be enough adjustments to simulate resistance and are very similar to the Peloton. If you want to be in a community or ‘bike’ with a friend – find one online and face time – Yeah! Better than any Metaverse or online subscription that you will probably never use. This bike is made for those serious about getting sweaty and exercising!

Rebuild, Recovery, Sore Muscles + Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory

All in one gummy. These little yummies are delicious and are a fraction of the gost from your Protein powers that cost an arm and a leg and is really hard to digest. THese gummies – just throw in your purse and chew on a few after a work-out, a long walk or paddle boarding on Lake Austin. These are the ones that will give you more benefits then any other supplement or vitamin I’ve seen on the market


Run Fast. Eat Slow: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes

I am going to share my top foodie gifts in an upcoming post, but could not resist putting this cookbook on my list for the health enthusiasts on your list.  Not only are the recipes amazing, but it is very educational.  The book talks a lot about how to fuel your body for performance and contains many amazing whole food recipes, which is my preference as far as diet is concerned.  My favorite recipes are the peanut butter banana muffins and the turkey lasagna, which are both out of this world good and healthy as well.

I hope you visit again on Friday for my list of foodie gift ideas.  I am a self-proclaimed foodie, so why not get some ideas from an expert.  Until next time, enjoy shopping!

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