HelloFresh Review – Kid Friendly Meal Kits Delivered

Kid-Friendly Meals with HelloFresh

I was so excited to get HelloFresh in the mail. I hadn’t done any grocery shopping for that week. I counted on HelloFresh to be our meals for the week. So I did not do any grocery shopping for that week.

I did order the “two-person meal pack” even though there are three people in my family. The third one is my daughter, so I figured between the three of us we could eat enough food.

When I received the HelloFresh Box I opened it up immediately. The vegetables were all pretty much limp and they didn’t really feel or look fresh. The meat was very nicely packed in dry ice. So all meat was nice and cold still – thankfully.

HelloFresh Menu Selection

The menu selection was a little bit of a surprise because you don’t get to actually pick the menu. So I pick my favorite one first and went from there. I was not too excited thrilled about the enchiladas. We do live in Texas and so this is basically all anybody eats around here.

HelloFresh Menu Selection
Example HelloFresh Menu Selection; image via hellofresh.com

HelloFresh Burger Recipe

The first meal I decided to cook was the Melty Monterey Jack Burgers with Red Onion Jam, Garlic Mayo & Crispy Potato Wedges. I am not fond of burgers, but the rest of the family is. Unfortunately, there is no way in HelloFresh to select if you like a particular style of food. It would have been great if I could have selected: American, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean. If burgers were on the list – I would not have chosen them.

I wanted to see how easy it was to cook up these burgers, soo I had my daughter do it. She really did an excellent job. She was able to follow the instructions very quickly and was able to cook the entire meal for us! For a mom, that is so great. She is learning a skill and following through to completing a nice dinner.

So that was pretty exciting. I did not have to cook for a change. Yeah!

HelloFresh Burger Review

The burger meat when divided into 2 patties seems to be very small patties for two people. The caramelized onions were a really great idea it was so good that my daughter who hates onions even ate them. SCORE. Way to go HelloFresh – That is one good thing about HelloFresh – You get to learn how to cook new things.

HelloFresh Burger Review
HelloFresh Melty Monterey Jack Burgers; image via hellofresh.com

Now that my daughter has been introduced to caramelized onions – she loves them and she knows how to make them.

Instructions are pretty easy to read. The little tiny small packets of herbs cream cheese, and yogurt that came with each mean – are perfectly proportioned for each meal. I like that I can mix it and know what goes in these fabulous little sauces. Now I feel Like I can easily do this at home.

With HelloFresh you feel like you’re making something with all the little tiny packets of herbs, spices, cream cheese, or yogurt. Genius.

In the video below you can see my daughter creating the meal.  At the end – see what she has to say about the taste, portions and if it was easy to make.

Kid-Friendly Meal Kits – HelloFresh

My Daughter ate the hamburger and absolutely loved it. She ate it as if she’s never eaten anything in her entire life – she absolutely loved it and thought it was delicious. I’m telling you she even like the caramelized onions.

Recipes for Dinner Using HelloFresh

The enchilada dish was not my favorite – either. I’m in Texas and this seems like a staple dish here. The ratio from green peppers to meat seems completely disproportionate. There were more green peppers than pork. It might be ok… but the taste of green peppers was overwhelming. In Texas, we would have to use Pablano peppers. So really did not taste as great as I thought it would.

HelloFresh was completely free! It’s pretty easy to get a discount by going to their site and signing up for their email newsletter. I might have paid shipping which is fine. I’m glad I tried it out for free; it’s not really something I would do regularly.

I don’t follow recipes quite well. The vegetables were not that fresh, and I would rather have a bit more control over selecting produce and selecting which meals to prepare for my family.

If HelloFresh had an option for me to pick specific meals – I’d be more excited and my child would be more inclined to help out with specific meals she would select and prepare.

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