Zoom Transformation: 5 Tips To Look Great On Zoom

How to Look Good on Zoom 101

2020 will go down in history as the year of Zoom calls. Zoom weddings, birthdays— you name it. That’s all well and good, and it’s what’s kept us sane over lockdown, but you’re definitely lying if you haven’t at least once looked at yourself in that little rectangle and thought ‘sh*t, do I really look like that?’. Now it’s 2021, but Zoom meetings are still a thing.

One silver lining of 2020 is that companies are realizing that their employees require more flexibility and remote work options. Kids will eventually return to their classrooms, but Zoom will remain in the workplace.

Instead of ‘does my bum look big in this?’, you might be asking ‘how can I make myself look better on Zoom?’. Well, we’ve got your back. From switching on the Zoom beauty filter and fixing your lighting, all the way to buying the best wigs and press on nails for your Zoom makeover, we’ve put together our 4 top tips for how to look good on a video conference.

Turn on Zoom beauty and makeup filters

Yes, Zoom has a filter, but it is less sophisticated than, say, Snapchat’s. It smooths out your skin texture and reduces minor imperfections, but it does not make your eyes bigger or your face slimmer.

The ‘Touch Up My Appearance’ setting on Zoom is a life saver. If you’ve not heard about it, it’s about to change your life! Described by the company as ‘a softening effect to skin to minimize the visibility of imperfections’, you look good effortlessly. To access the filter, either go to Settings, click Video and scroll down to switch it on or off OR if you’ve already started a meeting and realize you’re not looking on point, click the arrow next to the video icon and choose Video Settings from there.

Zoom Touch up my appearance
Zoom Touch up my appearance; Source: Zoom

The filter evens out your skin tone, but it won’t transform your activewear into a business suit, so that part is still up to you.

How to activate this hidden feature and change your appearance:

On a desktop computer:

  1. Install the desktop Zoom app. To access video settings, go to settings and then to the video tab.
  2. Check the box next to “Touch up my appearance” in the video settings.
  3. The skin-smoothening filter will be applied to your face during all video calls.

In the mobile application, you can:

  1. In the bottom right-hand corner, tap Settings.
  2. Tap meetings, then Touch up my appearance. And you’re finished.
  3. This filter does not apply makeup. It would rather blur out the flaws and make your skin appear smoother.

If you’re after a filter that’s a little more glam, Signature Faces by L’Oréal Paris is free and fun — you can choose your own eyeshadow, glitter, a bold lip and more. Just download SnapCamera and you can get access to each filter which you can then use during video calls on Google Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We love Collection #1: Volumizing Capsules because the “be bold and shine bright” vibe is very Gold Glitter.

Wing It With A Wig

Wigs are a little bit magic. They have the power to transform your whole look and style in seconds. From brunette to candy floss pink? No problem. And there’s no damage to your hair, no committing to the chop, no styling. It’s no wonder the Kardashians are such fans. In lockdown, wigs are the perfect pick-me up with endless options for styles, colors and lengths.

If you’ve got Zoom drinks with the girls this weekend, why not whip out this spacey blue statement wig by Mildiso.

For a Zoom conference call, a custom black, brown or blonde frontal wig by AS would be perfect:

Buy Press On Nails

We’re a little bit obsessed with press on nails at the moment. Let’s make lockdown 2.0 a little bit better by packaging up some creativity . We couldn’t be more thrilled with this idea. Get salon-standard nails at home – the dream! Each set can be customized to your desired shape, style, size and pattern, so you can make sure you always have a fresh mani. On Zoom, they’ll have you feeling sassy. And let’s not forget that oh so satisfying tapping noise they make as you’re logging on.

These sparking ombre nails by Coolnail will brighten up any day indoors:

Or check out BABALAL nail kits for her pink flames set:

Try Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are well on track to becoming the next big thing in the beauty world. Providing the same volume as the classic falsies we all love, but without the tricky application, they’ll make your eyes look good for any Zoom occasion. Place the upper strip on top of your lashes, and line up the bottom strip underneath your lashes (just like a sandwich) until the magnets click together. And it’s as simple as that! You can also get sets with magnetic eyeliner. If you wear them all the time, they can damage your natural lashes so they’re perfect for video calls and using in short bursts rather than longer term treatments like a lash lift.

There are lot’s of new magnetic eyelashes out there – you could try these from Arishine:

And when you’ve taken your magnetic lashes off, or if you’ve decided you want to go au naturale after all, reach for ‘Babe Lash Essential Serum’ for some TLC:

Virtual Zoom backgrounds

If you’re in a sloppy dining room or your car and don’t want people to know where you are, you can change your background while in a meeting.

Zoom virtual backgrounds
Zoom virtual backgrounds; image via zoombacks.com

Desktop: Join a meeting and then click the button to the right of the Stop Video button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Choose Virtual Background from the next menu. Make sure Backgrounds & Filters is selected on the left on the next screen, and your options will appear. You’ll be able to blur the background or choose from scenes like the beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, outer space, and the northern lights. Exit the screen once you’ve decided on an option.

Mobile: Tap the More icon at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device, then select Backgrounds & Filters. From there, you can select your background and exit the screen.

It’s been a difficult year; the least we can do is give each other advice on how to look hotter during all those tedious work meetings.  If you have any tips, let us know in the comments.

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