Songs About Texas

This is by no means a comprehensive collection of songs about Texas, but it’s a good start. The videos embedded below are a fun resource and will most likely continue to grow over time.

Obviously, there are tons of Texas-themed songs out there, but not all of them are readily available in the form of quality live concert footage.

Enjoy the collection . . .

Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Texas Flood”

I would expect that just about any list including Stevie Ray Vaughan would also have him at the top of that list. The Real Austin Texas Songs About Texas list is no exception.

The performance below is incredible – one of the YouTube commentators said that SRV isn’t performing the song, he’s living it. That pretty much nails it. Enjoy.

Note: Although SRV leads off the list, don’t read too much into the order of everyone else on the list.

Texas Flood was originally written by Larry Davis, and it’s been covered by a number of artists, but it’s Stevie Ray who owns this song. I love how he changes the lyrics from “Man, it’s about to drive poor me insane” to “Man, it’s about to drive poor Stevie Ray insane.”

Larry Davis – “Texas Flood”

Texas Flood, made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughan, was originally written and recorded by bluesman Larry Davis (who died in 1994 at the age of 57).

Here’s the original recording from, I believe, 1958 . . .

Charlie Robison – “My Hometown”

I really love Charlie Robison’s My Hometown. Here’s a pretty cool 2009 live performance of the song at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street in Chicago.

Blake Shelton – “Austin”

I came across Austin by Blake Shelton posted on the website Top Country Music Videos. If you’re into country music, you’ll love this site.

Bowling for Soup – “Ohio (Come Back to Texas)”

Here’s a fun one from Bowling for Soup. Best lines:

She went to make a deposit
Then she cleaned out her closet

Joe Ely – “Did You Ever See Dallas from a DC-9 at Night?”

Here’s Joe Ely singing Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s Did You Ever See Dallas from a DC-9 at Night? way back in the early ’80s in Lubbock. It’s still a great song nearly 30 years later.

Delbert McClinton – “Lone Star Blues”

Lone Star Blues, by Delbert McClinton is another fun one. It’s a great video although it does end abruptly (and about 5 seconds early).

George Strait – “Amarillo By Morning”

Here’s one from the vaults – George Strait performing his classic, Amarillo By Morning, back when we were all a lot younger (1986?).

Waylon Jennings – “Luckenbach, Texas”

Another classic performance for the country purists, Waylon Jennings performing his hit, Luckenbach, Texas. Even if you’re not a big country fan, it’s hard to get this one out of your head.

Del Castillo – “Anybody Wanna?”

This song from Austin-based Del Castillo may not be specifically about Texas, but the video was shot in South Austin and features cameos from notable Central Texans Willie Nelson (on a horse, no less), Ray Benson, and Robert Rodriguez.

Kris Kristofferson – “Corpus Christie Bay”

I thought this one was a pretty cool find. The clarity on the video isn’t ideal, but it’s a great live performance by Kris Kristofferson covering Robert Earl Keen’s “Corpus Christie Bay” back in 1996.

now unavailable

Robert Earl Keen – “Feelin’ Good Again”

Speaking of Robert Earl Keen, here’s a live version of his much-loved song, “Feelin’ Good Again” performed at the ACL Festival in 2007. The song has transcended its Texas roots and is evocative of small-town community everywhere.

Robert Earl Keen – “Billy Gray”

Here’s another one from Robert Earl Keen. This is a fantastic cover of Norman Blake’s “Billy Gray” (see video below). It’s found on Robert Earl Keen’s Walking Distance Album

Norman Blake – “Billy Gray”

Here’s the original “Billy Gray” – written and performed live by Norman Blake. I don’t know where or when this performance took place, but it looks to be quite a while back.

Jon Wolfe – “That Girl in Texas

Here’s the official video from country newcomer Jon Wolfe’s hit, “That Girl in Texas.”

Ronnie Dunn – “How Far to Waco?”

A Mariachi-inspired country song about a road trip back to an idealized girl . . . This is the song’s official video.

Best rhyme –

Highway miles, they go by so slow
She’s waitin’ down the road from El Paso

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