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Spicewood is a resort community located on northern Lake Travis. Lake Travis is large and many communities surround it, with residents driving in to enjoy the lake, such as Lakeway, Costa Bella, Arbolago, Vineyard Bay, Lago Vista, Spicewood, Belvedere, Lake Point, Rough Hollow, Bella Strada, the Hills of Lakeway and Flintrock Falls. However, only a select group of people can afford to live on Lake Travis. Home prices are always in the millions, though some may be found starting around $800,000, as this is generally considered the luxury price point at which location and building materials come at a premium.

Spicewood is served by the Lake Travis Independent School District, which offers high-quality education to its students. Attractions include endless watersports, shopping, and multiple golf courses. Lake Travis is prized for its outdoor recreational activity above all else. Also surrounding the lake are resorts, spas, and bed and breakfasts. Homes in Lake Travis are so desirable their values remain intact even through up and down housing market conditions.

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Spicewood, Texas is a perfect destination for a day trip, a long weekend, or even an extended vacation. Boasting the desirable climate of central Texas, quick and easy access to the natural hill country and surrounding environments as well as short trips to all of the popular attractions that this part of Texas has to offer. Learning more about the opportunities that can be found in Spicewood would be an ideal way to start planning your visit.

Any travel plans can benefit from greater education and early preparation. Learning what you can expect once you arrive at your destination can give you the chance to make the most of the opportunities you will find there. Learning more about what can be expected in terms of the experiences available would be an ideal first step.

Spicewood is a popular destination for good reason. With plenty to see and do, you will have the chance to make the most of your visit and the time you will spend there. Overlooking something important due to poor research would be very unfortunate, so make sure you begin to educate yourself about the opportunities and attractions Spicewood has to offer as soon as is possible.

Spicewood, Texas is an unincorporated part of Burnet County part of Texas. With its close proximity to Austin, Spicewood offers its residents a quiet, small-town feeling with city life right around the corner. Although Spicewood is small, the Spicewood Vineyards produce award-winning wines that are known for flavor and a special “Texas” appeal.

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Spicewood is also home to many creeks that offer hunters, anglers, and water sports lovers endless recreational fun. The spring-fed creeks include Fall Creek, Little Cypress Creek, Sycamore Creek, Double Horn Creek, Alligator Creek, and the 32 springs of Krause Creek. Krause Creek has fun for the entire family with a 30-foot limestone cliff covered in beautiful moss and watercress and a 70-foot-long swimming pool. Tourists are drawn in from Austin, Houston, and Dallas to visit the Three Lower Colorado River Authority Parks.

Population, People, & Culture

Home of Willie Nelson, country music legend, Spicewood is a small town about 22 miles northwest of Austin with a population of about 8,500 most of whom are middle-aged. It is believed many local residents moved from neighboring communities that declined in the 1900s. With a moderate pace of life and a love for their city’s natural beauty, Spicewood’s locals are family-oriented, easier-going than the average Texan, and have a flair for the finer things in life. Great tasting coffee for one.

A typical weekend is spent with a round of golf in the early morning, and then taking the kids and grandkids to splash away in the afternoon sun in the Westcave Preserve. This 30-something acre of unspoiled natural beauty has kid-friendly caves to explore, several breathtaking waterfalls, deep pools for swimming, and lush carpeted vegetation all around. Older kids love Krause Springs, Spicewood’s hidden oasis complete with over 30 springs, fountains, and more waterfalls, a walkthrough Butterfly Garden, and on-site RV camping facilities. More adventurous locals will head for the Zipline in Lake Travis through Cypress Valley Canopy Tours.

Burgers, BBQs, bars, and bistros seem to be the favorite wining and dining hangouts. Not to be missed are supplies from a couple of local wineries with hints of locally-sourced fruits from vast orchards. If you’re looking for a short getaway let Spicewood, a homely city with lots to offer in a serene setting, offer you that chance.

Nightlife in Spicewood, Texas

Spicewood’s nightlife is probably going to be different from most other parts of Texas. Family-oriented and fun-driven, establishments allow minors accompanied by adults so long as they don’t purchase or consume alcohol. Some are even dog-friendly. Perhaps due to the lack of colleges and universities in the immediate counties, there is an insignificant group of young trendy bar crawlers and nightclub hoppers, instead, they are likely to be busy partying in Austin and San Antonio where they attend undergraduate school.

Nevertheless, Spicewood’s night entertainment scene is either open to the whole family or appeals specifically to adults in their 40s and beyond with outdoor seating and a live country music band playing. The dining scene, however, seems to be much more active with a wide choice of creative dishes served up with freshly picked locally sourced ingredients.

Steakhouses, Texas barbecues, bar and grills tend to dominate the dining scene. Not just your usual medium-rare slab served with coleslaw and fries, many steak dishes here are specially marinated with signature rubs and then sauteed with sauces of unique flavors. Apart from the big-name brands like Opie’s Barbecue, the majority of these restaurants are humble operations and do not have a website, it is best for you and your traveling companions to take a leisurely drive through the town and try a different restaurant every day.

Spicewood Real Estate

Not only does Spicewood offer beautiful creeks and is within driving distance to Austin, but it offers wonderful homes. From renovated villas to large, open ranches, you will have your choice of many different types and styles of homes that are right for every type of budget. You can choose from homes located right on the water to homes more inland. The homes in this city are affordable and tell a story about the Spicewood area. The construction and architecture are as unique and historical as the area itself.

If curb appeal is what you are after, you won’t have far to look in Spicewood. The homes in this area offer lots of acreage and space for you and your growing family. From gorgeous, large front and backyards to spacious horse farms, the ability to have everything that you could ever want in a home is well within reach and your budget. Spicewood also offers “green” homes complete with Energy Star appliances and window upgrades to cut down on energy usage and energy bills.

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From the magnificent springs that offer fun for the adventure seeker of any age to the tourist-loving Three Lower Colorado River Authority Parks to the wine connoisseurs, Spicewood has something for everyone. This includes diverse and stunning homes in the area. All of your wants and needs will be met in a Spicewood home. From large farms to waterfront living, Spicewood Real Estate doesn’t fall short in dazzling houses. Finding a house in Spicewood is more than just finding a house, it is finding and making a home.

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