The Importance of Summer Burn Bans

Texas Burn Bans

Burn bans are imposed in response to weather conditions or poor air quality. These restrictions are in place to protect people, wildlife, and the environment. Typically, Texas has summer burn bans when that Texas heat takes hold and rain is scarce. These ban aid in the fight against poor air quality caused by ground-level ozone.

Outdoor Burning Rule

Although some types of burning are permitted throughout the year, it is illegal to burn trash in Texas all year (Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30, Texas Administrative Code, Sections 111.201–221). Trash burning emits hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere and the surrounding soil. While burning is legal and necessary at other times of the year, we must all do our part during a burn ban. A burn ban can aid in the prevention of forest fires and hazardous air conditions. During burn bans, dumpster rental services can assist you in disposing of your trash, green waste, and junk in a responsible manner.

Why are they called burn bans?

The smoke produced by the combustion of wood and wood-based products contains fine particles (soot) and a toxic mixture of other carcinogens that are harmful to your health, especially in young children, the elderly, and people with respiratory and heart problems disease. Concentrations of wood smoke can reach dangerous levels during stagnant weather conditions, so we limit wood smoke emissions to protect air quality in our neighborhoods and the health of those who live there. Due to their smoke-free design, a homeowner may use gas fire pits or tables during burn bans depending on the area and current regulations. Before using any gas appliances, please check with your local government.

Texas Burn Ban Meaning

When air quality deteriorates, counties can impose burn bans to allow conditions to improve. When weather conditions are stagnant, burning emits harmful carcinogens and soot particles that can be hazardous to humans and animals. During this time, the government may allow people to use smoke-free gas pits or tables in some cases.

Is a Burn ban in Effect?

The regulatory authority to issue burn bans varies by county and may include government or clean air authorities, or a combination of both, to pass and enforce burn bans. In Travis County and Hay County, the fire marshal posts the burn bans. Follow these links to see the burn ban status in your county:

Texas Burn Ban Rules

  • Counties must comply with the requirements of the state’s burn ban.
  • Stage 1 burn bans are imposed due to weather conditions and rising pollution levels – when we anticipate that we will violate air quality standards.
  • Stage 2 burn bans are imposed when acceptable particle pollution levels exceed a state-mandated threshold.
  • View your local county’s website (above) for more information in your area.

Penalty for violating a Texas Burn Ban

A person commits an offense if he or she violates the outdoor burning prohibition or restriction knowingly or intentionally. An offense is classified as a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Air  Quality Issues

Burning can release chemicals into the air during the burning process. You will not only be breathing this air but pollution from burning can infiltrate nearby soil and water supplies. Asthma, emphysema, respiratory issues, reproductive problems, developmental problems, nervous system damage, kidney damage, and liver damage can all be exacerbated by poor air quality. You are putting yourself and others in danger if you choose to burn during a burn ban.

Forest Fire Prevention

In addition to poor air quality, burn bans may be imposed because the current conditions increase the likelihood of a forest fire. A forest fire can quickly start when the weather is dry and windy. If a burning ember from your fire is carried through the air, it could land in the woods and ignite the area. Because of the dry conditions, leaves, sticks, bushes, and trees are highly flammable. A forest fire can kill wildlife, destroy animal habitats, degrade air quality, and cause damage to nearby homes. When forest fires start in dry conditions, they can be complicated to put out. Even the most minor fire can start a forest fire, so be careful.

Alternatives – Dumpster Rental Services

Using a dumpster service is a responsible decision for people’s health, nature, and the environment. They will dispose of your garbage in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. They can accept any trash or junk you have accumulated, other than hazardous materials or liquids. In addition to making a greener choice, you can rest assured that you are also making the right legal choice. Because it is illegal in Texas to burn trash, you make the most responsible decision in many ways.


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