Top 10 Best Motorcycle Roads in Texas

Where are the best Texas motorcycle rides?

A while back, we did a popular post on some great Motorcycle rides near Austin.  Well, now we’re taking it further and covering ALL of Texas. Texas is, of course, known as the Lonestar state. State that prides itself on long open roads all over the state, perfect for motorcyclists. There are a lot of scenic routes and highways that capture the vast Texas landscape. You will enjoy the wonderful Amarillo region, the vast Texas desert plains at the very top of Texas. The hill country area will remind you of California – located in Central Texas. The beginning of mountains towards the deep east area of Texas.

We have found roads that we think are best for riding motorcycles. Let’s explore the best routes in our lovely Home State of Texas.

1. The Three Sisters (AKA The Twisted Sisters)

The Three Sisters are a trio of connecting Texas county roads, including Ranch-to-Market Roads 335, 336, and 337, that together form a 100-mile loop through some of the most scenic and beautiful areas of Texas. The route is known for its twisty, challenging roads that offer a thrilling ride for sport, touring, and cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts.

One of the best things about riding the Three Sisters is the light traffic and the absence of large cities along the route. Instead, riders are treated to picturesque views of quaint, small towns and beautiful natural landscapes that make the journey more enjoyable.

Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Three Sisters are a must-ride destination for any motorcycle enthusiast. With their challenging roads and breathtaking scenery, they offer an unforgettable ride that you won’t soon forget. So hop on your bike and experience the Three Twisted Sisters for yourself!

You will love the scenes and the state when you ride through this place. The scenery that you will get through this place is unique and beautiful. You will come across clear rivers, twisty mountain curves, and also real Texas ranches. For instance, you will come across the famous Nueces River found on ranch RD 335. Be aware of the sharp turns that the road has. Travel at a slow speed.

2. Guadalupe River Road

I recently enjoyed exploring the winding roads along the Guadalupe River in Texas. This scenic route is a must-ride for any motorcycle enthusiast, offering a thrilling and beautiful ride through the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

The road has been specifically designed to follow the curves of the Guadalupe River, spanned by several low bridges along the route. While these bridges add to the scenic beauty of the ride, they also require some caution and skill to navigate. If you are an experienced biker, you will have no problem enjoying the sweep of the road and the challenge of the low bridges.

However, an alternative route is available for those who are less experienced or uncomfortable with navigating low bridges. The 306 route south of Canyon Lake at FM 2673 offers a gentler ride, sharp turns and bends, and plenty of opportunities to stop and sightsee along the way.

It’s important to note that the low bridges along the Guadalupe River may flood during heavy rain, making them impassable for riders. It’s always best to use caution and avoid crossing any bridges if water is present. Additionally, due to the limited sight distance along the road, it’s important to maintain slow speeds and exercise caution when riding.

The Guadalupe River route offers a beautiful and challenging ride for motorcycle enthusiasts, with plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the area’s stunning natural beauty. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, this scenic ride is not to be missed.

Begin at the intersection of River Road and FM 2673, Canyon Lake, TX 78133, and end at the intersection of River Road and Route 337/SH 46 in New Braunfels, TX 78132.

The road has been designed to sweep back and forth through the famous Guadalupe River, which has been designed with low bridges. If you are not an experienced biker – there is the alternative route of 306. During the offseason, you will realize that most people miss the entrance. It goes south of Canyon Lake at FM 2673. It has been made with gentle bends and turns, and also some sharp turns. You are advised to use slow speeds because of the limited sight distance. Many off-road camping locations are available and places to stop and sightsee. During heavy rain – the low bridges may flood. Do not cross those bridges if there is water.

3. Bend Region – Rio Grande River Road

This picturesque ride offers motorcycle enthusiasts a unique and beautiful experience, with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

We recommend starting out in Alpine and heading south on Highway 118, which takes you through some of the most scenic mountain ranges in Texas. As you ride along, you’ll be treated to incredible views of the mountains and valleys and a clear view of the night sky, perfect for stargazing.

Once you reach Big Bend Resort, head west on Highway 170, which runs along the Mexican border and offers even more spectacular mountain peaks and valleys; along the way, you’ll see the Texas State Flower – Bluebonnets. These vibrant blue flowers blanket the hillsides and fill the air with the fresh scent of spring, creating a truly unforgettable riding experience.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting, the Bend Region along the Rio Grande River offers a unique and beautiful ride that you won’t soon forget. So hop on your motorcycle and experience the natural beauty of Texas for yourself!

Bend Region – Rio Grande River Road
We suggest starting at Alpine and working your way south – on Hwy 118. This is Texas, where the mountain ranges start and are very beautiful. Since there are no city lights, this is perfect for stargazing. Once you hit Big Ben Resort, head west on 170 – this will take you along the Mexican border. You will be along some high mountain peaks.

4. Rose Maxwell Scenic Dr to Santa Elena Canyon

This route is a must-ride for any motorcycle enthusiast, offering some of the most breathtaking views of the semi-arid desert, cliffs, and mountains of Texas.

The drive starts at the Big Bend National Park and ends at the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook and Trial. Along the way, you’ll be treated to incredible vistas and rock formations that divide the United States from Mexico, creating a truly unique and memorable riding experience.

One of the best times to ride this route is spring or fall when the weather is cooler and more comfortable. During the summer, the heat can be oppressive and make it difficult to enjoy the area’s stunning views and natural beauty fully.

So if you’re looking for a genuinely epic motorcycle ride through the heart of Texas, check out the Rose Maxwell Scenic Drive to Santa Elena Canyon. With its incredible vistas and unique rock formations, this route will leave a lasting impression on any rider.

Castolon-Santa Elena Canyon Ride | Route Ref. #35653 | Motorcycle Roads
The road starts at the Big Bend national park and ends at the Santa Elana Canyon Overlook and Trial. Taking the Rose Maxwell Scenic Dr. road, you will see the weeping Vistas of a semi-arid desert, cliffs, and mountains. The best rock formations are in Big Bend. You will come across the incredible cliffs that divide the US from Mexico. Suggested times to go is spring or fall. It may be too hot during the summertime to enjoy these views.

5. Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55

Once a dirt road, TX Route 55 now boasts two lanes in each direction and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and challenging riding you’ll find anywhere in the state. Starting in Rocksprings and heading south, you’ll be treated to grades and sweeping curves that will thrill even the most experienced motorcyclists.

If you’re hungry, stop in Rocksprings and grab a bite to eat before hitting the road. From there, you’ll wind your way toward Barksdale, taking in the incredible scenery.

Overall, I highly recommend TX Route 55 for anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding motorcycle ride in Texas. Route 55 will leave a lasting impression on any rider with its stunning views and exhilarating curves.

Rocksprings to Camp Wood on TX Route 55
It is one of the best roads that you can come across in Texas. Once a dirt road, it now has two lanes in each direction. Start at Rocksprings and head south. The grades and sweeping curves make it one of the best roads for the motorcyclist in Texas. If you’re hungry, get a bite to eat in Rocksprings before getting on the windy road toward Barksdale.

6. The Red River Cruise

One of the unique things about this road is that you get to see some of the best scenery Texas has to offer, including rolling hills and picturesque countryside. As you ride, you’ll also enjoy the incredible sight of a sci-fi-like wind power generation farm, adding a touch of futuristic charm to the landscape.

Approaching from the northwest, you’ll be treated to some of the region’s most stunning views. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting, The Red River Cruise will provide an exciting and enjoyable experience.

So if you’re looking for a road trip that’s both scenic and thrilling, I highly recommend giving The Red River Cruise a try. With its beautiful vistas and unique sights, this ride will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Red River Cruise
One unique thing that comes with this road is that it starts and ends at Denton. Through the road, you will enjoy the best scenery, like the hills, and the beauty of the countryside. From the NW, you will approach the sci-fi-like wind power generation farm as you enjoy the beautiful scenes there.

7. Hippie Hollow Horror

Hippie Hollow Horror is a scenic route that starts at Four Points, a neighborhood northwest of Austin, and runs to the northwest, skirting the north edge of Lake Travis. Along the way, riders can enjoy picturesque scenes, such as the County Line BBQ on the Colorado River.

The road features some curves that require careful negotiation, with some turns requiring a slower speed of around ten mph. Despite the road’s challenging curves, it’s a popular destination for motorcyclists looking to enjoy a thrilling ride with scenic views.

Hippie Hollow HorrorThe road starts at the four points – Texas outside the NW of Austin. From here, it runs to the northwest and skirts through Lake Travis’s north edge. The best scenes you will encounter include the County line BBQ found on the Colorado River. The road has some curves that will even need a motorist to go at speeds of 10mph to make negotiations. I’m not sure why they have named it the horror ride.

8. The Possum Kingdom Lake Ride

Possum Kingdom Lake Ride is a fantastic route just 60 miles west of Dallas, and let me tell you, it’s worth the trip. The ride offers stunning mountain views and takes you along the beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake.

Head south on Tx Hwy 16 and consider taking Park Rd south along Possum Kingdom Lake for even more breathtaking views. The road features a mix of straight-ways and challenging twists and turns to keep you on your toes while allowing you to enjoy the ride.

One thing to note is that it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the road directions before heading out. Trust me; it’ll make for a much smoother and more enjoyable ride. So if you’re looking for scenic and exciting Motorcycle Rides near Dallas, the Possum Kingdom Lake Ride should be on your list.

Possum Kingdom Lake Ride
The road is just around 60 miles west of Dallas. You will come across many mountain views and ride through the Possum Kingdom lake. You will then see the beautiful picturesque lake and cliff views. Take Tx Hwy 16 south – The option is to take Park Rd south along Possum Kingdom Lake. The road has a mix of straight-ways and also twisted turns to help you keep alert – but still able to enjoy riding. Be familiar with the road directions before heading out.

9. Hill Country Back Roads

This scenic ride begins in Marble Falls, just a short 35-mile ride west of Cedar Park.

The route takes you through some of the most beautiful countrysides in the Texas Hill Country, with stunning views of the rolling hills, creeks, and rivers. One thing to remember is that this ride is about taking it slow and enjoying the scenery. The route is known for being a laid-back, leisurely ride, so don’t expect to be tearing up the road at high speeds.

As you go through the winding back roads, you’ll pass through charming small towns and see incredible natural beauty. The ride ends in Lago Vista, where you can take a break and enjoy a refreshing drink or meal before returning home.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, scenic ride through some of the most beautiful countryside in Texas, the Hill Country Back Roads route is one to add to your list.

Hill Country Back Roads
The route to this excellent route starts at Marble Falls. It is found about 35 miles from the western parts of Cedar Park. One caution you need to remember is that the road has been for having a laid-back scenic route. That means that high speeds are not going to be encouraged. The route ends at Lago Vista.

For April-May, The bluebonnet gives the best viewing and is perfect for smelling the Bluebonnets for miles. It is a quiet country farm town with plenty of places to go, stop, and even take pictures. It is a well-maintained road with many twists, hills, turns, and flat straightaways. If you want to rest, you will enjoy the reasonable accommodations there.

10. Texas Park Road 4

If you’re looking for a peaceful and scenic ride, Texas Park Road 4 should be on your list. Starting off from Burnet, you’ll head towards the stunning Buchanan Lake and follow the winding road southwards towards Inks Lake State Park. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the rolling hills and two shimmering lakes stretching before you as you ride along.

But don’t be fooled by the peaceful surroundings – the road has its share of twists and turns that will keep you engaged and focused throughout the ride. And as you near the end of the road, you’ll notice that no homes are in sight for miles around. That’s because most of the land is owned by the state, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

So if you’re in the mood for a scenic and serene ride that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Texas Park Road 4 is worth exploring. Just take it slow and soak in all the natural beauty surrounding you.

Texas Park Road 4
To the West of Burnet is Buchanan Lake, and south Colorado River heads south to Inks Lake State Park. You take the road off Hwy 29 and follow it south. It starts at Lake Buchanan and ends at Hwy 285. The road has beautiful scenes of hills and two lakes. You will also enjoy your ride through the deep valleys and ridges. At the end of the ride, there won’t be homes for miles since the state owns most of the land.

Final Word

With its vast roads and terrains, you’ll find something that fits your style in these ten motorcycle rides. You can explore the state’s unique and varied landscapes, from winding mountain roads to open plains. And if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to test your skills. You’ll find plenty of routes, from tight switchbacks to long stretches of straight highways. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Texas has something for everyone. So grab your helmet and hit the open road—find something to love in the Lone Star State!

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