Top 10 Best Austin Donut Shops

Best Donut Shops in Austin

The standard donut has come along way in the past few decades, from a customary morning staple serving mainly as the foundation for cop humor to an object of obsession that swapped out cupcakes as the “everyday sweet treat that everyone’s making all fancy” of the moment. On the other hand, as the previously mentioned cupcake thing became more of a short-lived fad, the donut boom has shown much more staying power, and our lives tend to be richer and more carb-filled for this. To help satisfy your desires for donuts, check out this list of the best donuts in Austin.

Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.

1503 S 1st St.
Austin, TX 78704

Welcome to Gourdough’s In Austin, Texas! Gourdough’s is housed in a vintage Airstream and is located at 1503 S 1st Street! –

Voodoo Doughnut – 6th Street

212 E 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701

  Voodoo Doughnut is the brainchild of old friends and entertainment-minded Portlanders Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon. In 2000, they decided to embark on a shared entrepreneurial venture – something that combined quality hospitality with their daring do-it-yourself brand of show business. The research revealed that downtown Portland lacked a single doughnut shop, so in 2003 they rented a hole-in-the-wall storefront scrunched between two Old Town nightclubs, joked to friends and family about being bent on “world doughnut domination,” and opened Voodoo Doughnut. Their initial pastry offerings were a mix of the classic and the unconventional. –

Little Lucy’s

75 1/2 Rainey St.
Austin, TX 78701

Little Lucy’s serves hot fresh mini donuts in a wide variety of unique delicious flavors to fun-loving dessert enthusiasts of all ages in the greater Austin area. Delivery and curbside pickup available today! –

Master Donuts 1

6100 E Riverside Dr #103,
Austin, TX 78741

Established in 2014, Master Donuts has been providing the East Austin community with fresh and scrumptious donuts daily. Aside from fresh donuts, you can satisfy all your breakfast needs, from kolaches to breakfast sandwiches and burritos. Come check us out on East Riverside. –

Angel Donuts and Treats

Suite 200, 8300 N FM 620 Building A,
Austin, TX 78726

Angel Donuts and Treats opened in 2012 and is located inside the Trails at 620. Since then, we have been serving both quality interpretations of classic pastries and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of sweet treats. Angel Donuts and Treats interior is designed to reflect the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Austin’s storied past. Inside the bakery, you will find a sprawling display of both savory and sweet treats. Serving everything from handcrafted donuts (most vegan and plant-based yeast donuts), delicious cake balls, refreshing bubble tea, gourmet macarons, hot and fresh breakfast tacos, buttery soft kolaches, french donut beignets, donut ice cream sandwiches, macaron ice cream sandwiches, fresh coffee and tea, and handcrafted Italian sodas. –

Donut Taco Palace II

1807 W Slaughter Ln.
Austin, TX 78748

To start a fresh new day, this is a place where you can energize your body with a variety of donuts or customized tacos with a variety of toppings of your choice. With more refreshments such as coffee, your stomach will be satisfied and you’ll be ready to tackle your daily routine job. Come on in and try out our donuts or kolaches. Your taste buds would thank you later. Have a great day! –

Donut 7

11005 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78758

Donut 7 is an Austin born family-owned business serving up breakfast since 1983. –

Shipley Do-Nuts

2113-A, W Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX 78757

Shipley Do-Nuts continues to delight customers of all ages. The over 60 varieties remain as consistent as the freshness of the products, and although the plain glazed is by far the best seller, everyone seems to have their favorites. –

Howdy Donut

10815 Ranch Rd 2222 Building 6 Suite 212,
Austin, TX 78730

“Great donuts, service is quick and you can tell the staff is hard working!!” “Super friendly staff and yummy doughnuts.” “I usually order a donut or two, iced chai, and a croissant or kolache.” –

N’Star Donuts

2406 W Parmer Ln.
Austin, TX 78727

N’Star Donuts arrived on the Austin sweets scene in June of 2014. We are a local family-owned business and excited to be here. Our first location is in north Austin on Parmer Lane just east of MoPac. –


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