Top 10 Best Austin Nanny Services (Au Pair)

Best Nanny Agency in Austin

Many parents find themselves in need of childcare, especially during the summer months. Choosing the right nanny or au pair is challenging. The choices can be frustrating and the requirements in the candidates can vary dramatically. Nannies or au pairs can be liable for general supervision of the children, driving, routine laundry, assignments help, preparing foods, and providing morning and bedtime help. While the search is not always easy, we’re sure you agree it’s worth it to get the perfect companion for your kids. Everyone wants a nanny they can rely on, someone who has genuine love for small children and has great amount of patience.  Here are the best Austin nanny services in that can help you find the perfect nanny for your family:

Hill Country Helpers Nanny Agency

5900 Balcones Dr #5047
Austin, Tx, 78731
(512) 766-0049

Hill Country HelpersHill Country Helpers Nanny Agency assists families in finding trustworthy, dependable, and professional nannies in Austin. In Austin and the surrounding area, they recruit and screen nannies for permanent positions. Hill Country Helpers has the highest industry standards and only the most qualified and competent childcare professionals on staff. All nannies must be knowledgeable and compassionate, with a minimum of 6-12 years of experience as a professional nanny or caretaker. Their entire nanny staff is made up of ‘professional nannies’ who are looking for long-term work.

Nanny Poppinz Agency

5501 Balcones Dr. #106
Austin, TX 78731

As the leading Nanny Agency in the nation, Nanny Poppinz is a company founded and built on one simple philosophy…YOUR needs, children and family come first. Throughout our years of working in different childcare facilities, for different nanny agencies, and as nannies for numerous special families, we have decided how we would want to run our own Nanny business. We want to offer a personalized relationship with our families and Nannies by genuinely taking the time to talk with our Austin families and understand their specific Nanny childcare needs, requirements, and Nanny expectations. –

Windsor House Nannies

Austin, TX

Windsor House Nannies is an award-winning, full-service nanny placement and sitting service agency serving Austin, San Antonio, and its surrounding areas. We want to bring to Texas the Great British tradition of having highly educated and qualified child care professionals take care of your children. We provide the most experienced of child care professionals, offering further education and training of our nannies. This, in turn, offers your family a reliable, skilled and nurturing nanny for your precious little ones. Windsor House Nannies is an agency that wants to give our families something more, the best we can find, the best we have, the Great British standard of nannies. –

The Nanny League

11900 Stonehollow Dr #725 A,
Austin, TX 78758

The Nanny League is an elite placement agency entirely in a league of its own. We are dedicated to matching high-profile families with professional nannies who are college educated, highly competent, creative, and nurturing individuals. Through a trusted and personalized process, we will help you find the perfect nanny to fit your special family. –

Mom’s Best Friend

4544 S Lamar Blvd STE 300,
Austin, TX 78745

Mom’s Best Friend has been in business for over 25 years, and families trust us for their in-home Austin nanny needs (learn why). We weed out 90% of candidates with our screening process, saving you time and providing you with the highest quality nannies. Mom’s Best Friend offers support, assistance and reassurance from the start of your search to the end of your hiring needs. We personally match nannies to your needs in order to find the best fit for each family and Austin nanny. –

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors

3908 Far W Blvd C,
Austin, TX 78731

Child care is a big decision for your family. There are lots of great choices. You want a nanny who feels like part of the family; someone reliable and organized yet nurturing and fun. We have your perfect match, plus the support you need to make employing your nanny easy. –

A Nanny On The Net

Austin, TX 78701

Families have trusted our nanny agency for over 25 years to help them find the best nanny services! Nannies provide in-home care which reduces family stress and enables the children to be in a familiar, structured and well-supervised environment. The drop-off and pickup scrambles are eliminated. Nannies identify the specific social and educational needs of your children and customize their care to provide engaging and stimulating activities. –

Austin’s Capital Grannies

100 S Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704

Austin’s Best Babysitters is owned and operated by Amanda Torres. Amanda is the mother of three girls and understands the need for quality childcare. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and was a babysitter for relatives and friends before becoming a mom. As a parent and provider, Amanda understands the importance of a good babysitter in Austin, TX. –


Austin, TX

I launched Olive.You.Nanny in 2005 in Chicago. Prior to opening Olive.You.Nanny, I was a professional nanny for 10 years in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago. My goal for starting Olive.You.Nanny was to make a personal connection with both the families we work with and the nannies. We pride ourselves on making long-lasting relationships and putting our families at ease in the process. Everyone who works for the company has been a nanny, has a background in education or counseling, and has years of experience in this industry. In this journey, I have since had 3 kiddos and now live in Austin. –


843 819 3840

NannyPod is a vast network of Babysitters, Nannies, Infant Care Specialists, and Parents seeking short-term or long-term childcare. It is FREE to all childcare providers. Get connected today! Our company can solve your exact childcare needs. Headquartered in Charleston SC with a national footprint across the USA, our nanny and babysitting recruitment service is convenient, safe, and secure. Parents can find childcare via the NannyPod Boutique Service or the NannyPod App. Get started with NannyPod today! –

The Nanny Matchmaker


Matchmaking is our referral service. We submit qualified, experienced, and screened nanny candidates to you for your consideration. A great service for Los Angeles-based families in need of a long-term consistent nanny. Whether it’s part or full-time hours, we cater to all. To guarantee we are sending you the best nanny candidates, our pricing is simple. Instead of charging a percentage on the nanny’s annual income, our fee is based on the number of hours of help you need each week. Hours can range from 10 to 46+ per week. Are you ready for your match? –

10 Reasons Nannies are Needed

Here are 10 reasons why summer nannies are needed.

  1. Many parents work throughout the entire year, so they need a summer nanny to take care of the children when they are out of school during the summer break. Parents have to hire a nanny for children who are not yet old enough to be left at home alone.
  2. Some nannies are hired during the summer months specifically to go along on family vacations. Some parents feel that having a nanny on vacation with the family frees them up for adult activities. For example, the nanny can take the children for dessert after dinner while the parents dine in a nice restaurant and then dance the night away.
  3. Another reason so many nannies are needed during the summer is to transport children to all of the various activities they do while their parents are at work. Some nannies spend their summers shuttling children to dance lessons, soccer practice, and the neighborhood swimming pool.
  4. Nannies, unlike other forms of summer childcare, can take children on educational trips. Since children often like to slack off with their studies during the summer, parents can ensure that nannies take their children to museums, zoos, and other learning environments.
  5. Many parents have careers that force them to travel. When a parent has to travel for work during the summer, the children can also go if the nanny can go, too. The nanny can watch the children while the parent works, and then the whole family can spend the rest of the time together.
  6. One great reason summer nannies are needed is because they watch children in their own homes. Since home is where children feel most comfortable, it makes sense for parents to hire nannies instead of sending their children elsewhere for care.
  7. Summer nannies are needed because they make kids stick to whatever routines their parent request. If children are sent outside the home for care, parents cannot set the routine.
  8. One reason parents need summer nannies is because these nannies often take care of some household chores while they are watching the kids. This can be a big advantage of hiring a nanny.
  9. Parents also want to hire summer nannies because they are temporary for the summer season. Once school resumes in the fall, parents and children can go back to their usual routines.
  10. Probably the best reason so many summer nannies are needed is because they give parents peace of mind. Parents do not have to wonder where their children are or what they are doing when they are in the care of a good summer nanny.

Parents have lots of reasons for needing summer nannies. However, most are needed to care for children when school is not in session and parents have to work.

Why hire with a Nanny Agency?

We are frequently asked, What is the advantage of using an agency to find household staff? It is not uncommon for a client family to put a halt to their Nanny search because they found someone on their own through a word-of-mouth referral. It is also very common for that same family to return to a Nanny Agency after a month or two because things did not work out. Listen, we totally get it. There is no placement fee, so it appears to be worth a shot to go the “free” route. But is this the case? Let’s take a closer look.

You have wasted a lot of time screening, interviewing, and training nannies, completed employee paperwork twice, and your children are a little gun shy because they don’t want to get too close to someone again when you finally hire the RIGHT nanny. So, was it all worthwhile?

According to GTM Payroll Services’ survey of household employers, hiring a nanny through an agency rather than an online job site saved time, increased retention, and lowered the hassles of bringing on multiple nannies in a brief span of time.

According to the survey, almost 2/3 of those who hired through an agency cited the hassle-free process and time savings as the primary reasons they chose to work with placement professionals. Agencies also strive to provide the best matches for their clients, as 87 percent of families cited security and candidate screening as a primary reason for using an agency.

Because of their structure, online listing sites are unable to thoroughly screen candidates. There are no entry barriers to online databases. Anyone can create a profile and present themselves as a skilled and knowledgeable caregiver. The websites simply list available jobs and caregivers, followed by an a la carte background check. Many websites advertise “National Criminal Checks,” which can be deceptive. If a person was convicted of a crime but not imprisoned, or if they served time in county jail rather than a penitentiary, these checks will frequently return as “clear.”

When a family hires a nanny through an agency rather than an online job site, they will get a higher quality nanny who will stay with them for a longer period of time, and they will spend less time searching for the right match.

Having a nanny who is consistent in her care creates a stress-free environment in which children can thrive. When children interact with their caregiver on a regular basis, they develop trust in them. In addition, each child receives regular, consistent one-on-one attention. Having consistent care from a nanny is advantageous, especially if your child has a chronic condition or special needs, because a nanny typically stays with one family for years.

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