Top 10 Best Austin Pool Cleaning Services

Best Pool Maintenance Service in Austin

A swimming pool is a significant investment. If you want a pool that you can be proud of, that is always safe, and that is ready when your family wants to use it or to entertain guests, then you need a qualified professional who treats your pool as if it were his own.

Getting a swimming pool in your home is surely a dream come true. If you have children, a swimming pool can be a good spot for the entire family to bond without having to get away from the comfort of your home. What drags homeowners from having a swimming pool, however , is they dread the tiresome maintenance that comes with it. But with professional pool cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. Below is a list of top swimming pool cleaning service in Austin, Texas.

Prime Pool Service

9705 Burnet Rd Suite 304,
Austin, TX 78758

Prime Pool Service is a full-service pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance company servicing both residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on being the most professional pool service company in Austin and want the chance to earn your business. Our experience, pride of workmanship, and our commitment that every one of our employees has the prestigious “Certified Pool Operator” (CPO) designation guarantee the highest quality pool service available. Don’t trust a large investment such as your pool to some half-baked individual, come experience the Prime Pool Difference! –

Weekly Austin Pool Cleaning

3000 North Interstate 35 #900
Austin, TX 78705

Our company is in business to protect your investment in your Austin swimming pool by providing the highest quality pool cleaning service at a competitive rate. Weekly Austin Pool Cleaning is a family owned and operated business with decades of pool service experience in maintaining pools through all tough Texas seasons. Our passion is to give all pool owners an attractive view of their pool free from stress and maintenance headaches. Providing pool cleaning services and repairs in the Austin area is our joy. We know how you want to truly enjoy your swimming pools (without worrying about your pool technician) and that’s why all the work of our cleaning & maintenance technicians stands on top of our Service Satisfaction Guarantee. –

South Austin Pool Cleaning

8600 TX-71 #927,
Austin, TX 78735

At South Austin Pool Cleaning, we understand that owning a swimming pool should be fun! So let us take the hard work off your hands. As a professional, experienced pool cleaning company, we are a family-owned business that strives for the highest in customer satisfaction and to be a valuable member of our community. We want you to protect your backyard investment with our quality, reliable pool cleaning. –

Patriot Pool & Spa

1912 Bench Mark Dr.
Austin, TX 78728

Pools should be fun! Let Patriot Pool and Spa take care of all the work that makes that fun possible. During our weekly visits we will brush, vacuum, and skim the surface of the pool. We will also empty your baskets, make sure your equipment is functioning properly, and balance the chemistry. Once the work is done, we will immediately e-mail you a report that lets you know we were there and what was done. –

Reliable Pool Care

3616 Far W Blvd #117-319,
Austin, TX 78731

Reliable Pool Care opened the doors on June 17 2009. The owner has been in the pool industry since 1995 and has worked in all aspects including building, renovating and of course chemistry/maintenance. Over the years Reliable has made great relationships with customers and pool professionals that have allowed growth without sacrificing quality. We are Austin proud and a certified contractor of Austin Energy. We will provide an estimate, perform the installation, and file the rebate. You just sit back and enjoy your energy and cost savings! –

Austin Pool Service


Our pool service company in Austin, TX, provides an array of services to ensure your residential pool is always ready to entertain. From crucial pool repairs to general pool maintenance, we separate ourselves from the competition by offering flat-rate billing and flexible scheduling. We also don’t make you sign a contract for an entire year’s worth of services. –

Fantastic Pool Service

8120 Research Blvd #104A,
Austin, TX 78758

Having trouble with your commercial or residential swimming pool in the greater Austin area? Funny noises? Cloudy water? Leaks? Give us a call. We’re experts in fixing pool problems quickly, and getting your pool back in operation FAST! –

Pool-Aide Inc | Pool Maintenance Contractor | Swimming Pool Cleaner

7800 TX-71,
Austin, TX 78735

Being the owner of a swimming pool is lucky indeed. However, pools do not bring only joy, they also require regular pools maintenance, and, occasionally, pools repair. If you are in Austin, TX or the Greater Austin area, and you own a swimming pool, one company that can provide you with an excellent pool service is Pool-Aide Inc. Pool-Aide Inc is the right company to turn to whenever you require pools cleaning or pool repair service. Our Austin, TX company offers the highest quality swimming pool services in your community. We are proud of the efficiency and professionalism of our pool cleaners. Our employees work hard and conscientiously to deliver the most outstanding results imaginable.

Austin Local Pool Maintenance

2019 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704

We are a family owned and operated business serving Austin, TX with two generations of experience in pool cleaning. Our commitment is to provide you with pool cleaning you can rely on from local people you can trust. We are in business to protect your investment in your swimming pool, save you time, and create a healthy swimming environment for you and your family. –

Pool Scouts of Austin


Pool Scouts is servicing! As home service providers we are considered “critical to the infrastructure” of our community, and therefore, are continuing to provide services as usual. One of the biggest perks of living in the Lone Star State is being able to enjoy warm weather throughout the entire year. For many that means relaxing poolside. However, there is more to having a pool than just cannonballs. Pool Scouts of Austin is here to give you back your time to enjoy relaxing poolside. Scout’s Honor. –

Tips For Choosing The Best Pool Maintenance Service

It all comes down to knowing what to look for when hiring the best pool maintenance service for the job. There are certain distinguishing characteristics that will assist you in determining how trustworthy and professional a company is. Everything from their communication and customer service abilities to their timeliness and pricing is excellent.

Here are seven helpful hints for selecting the best pool maintenance service in your area. These suggestions are intended to assist you in effectively assessing the quality of your options and making an informed decision.

Look for experience and a track record of success.

Experienced companies know exactly how to do the jobs, how long it takes, and how much it costs. Look for companies that have a good reputation and have worked with pool owners both locally and nationally. They will be aware of the pool maintenance requirements unique to your area and will provide you with tailored advice.

Customer service that is both friendly and dependable.

You should be able to tell if you’re working with a friendly and dependable pool maintenance service. There will be obvious signs in their customer reviews, but the best pool maintenance companies will always make you feel important.

Avoid companies that charge exorbitant chemical surcharges.

Obviously, the pool maintenance company must earn a profit in order to cover their time and expenses. However, if you are paying three times the retail price for a gallon of chlorine, there may be an issue.

Examine accreditations and licensing.

To do business in Texas, a pool maintenance company only needs to register for an Employer Identification Number. So, when licensing isn’t a major consideration, keep all of the other tips mentioned in this post in mind.

Pool maintenance services are available on a long-term and one-time basis.

A good pool maintenance company offers both one-time and long-term contracts. So, no matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to set up routine pool maintenance and enjoy a clean pool.

Communication that is open and honest.

While some businesses communicate more than others, an honest pool maintenance company will not keep you in the dark. You’ll understand what you’re paying for and what’s being done. Most importantly, you will be charged the agreed-upon amount.

Are you looking for the cheapest price or the best service? Do you want to plan weekly visits or something more staggered, such as monthly cleanings? Which companies have the most positive reputations? Which has the most options for your price range? Who has the most experience, of course?

These are the questions to consider when selecting a pool maintenance service. Of course, if you remember the seven tips listed above, answering them will be simple.

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