Top 10 Best Austin Social Media Marketing Companies

Best Social Media Marketing in Austin

There’s no question that social media is becoming the best marketing medium for this generation. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming as a business owner.  Forget the worry and pressures of doing well online and can focus on what you do best.

An excellent social media marketing campaign can work magic for a business’s digital system. Each post you make all over all the social platforms you utilize is a distinctive opportunity for people to find out about your business, engage in your discussion, and convert into paying clients. But how could you be sure that you’re making the greatest content for your target viewers? And if you’re just not quite certain how to advertise it in the best way possible? That’s where social media marketing companies come in.  We’ve compiled a list of the top social media marketing companies in Austin to help you find a partner.

Lucid Crew Web Design

501 N I H 35, Austin, Texas, 78702
(512) 853-9693
Lucid Crew Social Media
Lucid Crew will deliver your social media marketing needs on the web. A broad and diverse marketing strategy has not always been possible for most small business owners, but social media marketing changes this. Content Marketing brings with it a wealth of opportunities that are as easily accessible to small businesses as they are to corporations, but where do you start? Social media marketing has swept the nation and become wildly popular amongst business owners. The possibility of reaching your ideal audience day after day is no longer possible but doable. Facebook and Instagram are replacing other marketing mediums and quickly becoming the #1 method to market. Contact us for further information on social media marketing and pricing. –

Red Social Media

Austin, TX

Red Social is an Austin-based full-service social media agency. Through proven social media marketing strategies, they assist businesses in establishing online authority, generating leads, and increasing sales. Extend your reach, increase engagement, and breathe new life into your brand. Their experienced social media specialists create and implement data-driven social media campaigns and tactics to give your company a voice in the digital space. –

Social Craft Media

7300 FM 2222 Building III, Suite 250,
Austin, TX 78730

Building and managing a social media presence to support fans and customers is fun but can be daunting. We help you determine which channels are best for you and develop a strategy to manage those channels and populate them with engaging, compelling, and enjoyable content. –

CIAL Social

Austin, TX 78703

CIAL Social helps local businesses create a strong foundation for growth through our diverse packages for online services. We have a team of experts in every field we offer and produce results that prove success. Based in Austin, Tx, we help all business types in the surrounding area and worldwide. CIAL was created to have all your online marketing needs under one roof. From web design and SEO to social media management, you can find any and all services with us. We strived to create affordable packages that still have high-quality performance. We do this through innovative marketing campaigns that minimize cost and increase lead generation with efficiency.-

Julia Stewart Social Media Marketing

Austin, TX

My name is Julia Stewart and I am a freelance Social Media Marketer and Food Photographer in Austin, Texas. I have 5+ years of experience in social media management, content marketing, and branding. I possess strong creative writing skills and expertise in reputation management. If you’re looking to take your online presence up a notch, then you are in the right place. –

Blackhawk Digital Marketing

421 W 3rd St #1615,
Austin, TX 78701

We inspire the best. We celebrate the best. We work with you to be the best. We’re based in Austin, Texas, but we strive to be the best digital marketing agency in the world by providing clients with access to the highest-rated digital software, tools, processes, and people. To do so, we will place people first, focus on results, provide expert leadership, and champion success. –


11801 Domain Blvd. 3rd Floor,
Austin, TX 78758

Brands leveraging social media engage in an on-demand conversational flow across personal and professional networks. Reach new users by exchanging ideas with them in real-time conversations. This collaborative exchange transforms fans and followers into brand ambassadors and champions.–


1913 Robbins Pl.
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 522-4614

JS Interactive is passionately driven by customer success. We’ve established unique partnerships with clients of all industries since 2004. Customers recognize us as a trusted brand that delivers a high level of attention to the needs of each business we serve. Our digital marketing services include consulting and strategy, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC) & content development. JS Interactive offers a full-suite of results-driven online marketing solutions to help clients develop and grow online. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we create lasting results that exceed client expectations.  –

Hot Dog Marketing

100 E. Main St. #201,
Round Rock, TX 78664

Our goal is to develop a strong working relationship and learn your business as well as ours so we can find ways to help you grow. Hot Dog Marketing’s results-driven marketing team specializes in delivering long-term value for our clients. We have deep expertise in branding and online marketing for service-based businesses, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. Keep your online presence at the forefront of your marketing with expertly curated and scheduled posts. Create engaging content opportunities for your audience with campaigns and creative ideas on your social media platforms. –

Americom Marketing

7000 North Mopac Expressway, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78731

Since the year 2000, Americom Marketing has been an award-winning, full-service marketing agency. The blend of digital marketing services and strategies with our traditional advertising, design, media, and consulting delivers remarkable results. With powerful data and industrial-strength creativity, we deliver for brands and businesses of all sizes in SEO, SEM, branding, TV videos and commercials, logo design, e-commerce, and more. Also, being certified with Best of Class partners like Google and Lead Forensics will provide your company with consistent leading-edge marketing tools to grow your business. –


Common Social Media Mistakes Brands are still Making

How often do you see a brand using social media effectively, and dare I say, innovatively? I am going to guess not often. Despite the collective input of countless professionals on the subject, brands appear to either be listening to different professionals or choosing to do things their own way. With this comes a flood of social media mistakes we see over and over again.

Many brands have gone the route of using social media almost like a mail sorting room, redirecting messages to relevant departments, posting a generic response and then moving on. Are these messages, complaints, and compliments monitored and tracked? It doesn’t always seem so, and there is very little to suggest that brands use negative feedback when developing internal training programs.

I am no professional, but I am a consumer, so I am going to explore some mistakes that brands are making on social media from a consumer perspective.

Reconsider Your Business Hours

Your social media channels should not be linked to your business hours. At the very least it should be operating from 6 am to 10 pm each and every day. If any part of your business or service operates on a 24-hour schedule, then your social channels should also be available 24-hours a day. Your customers do not use your products only during business hours, nor do social networks only operate during business hours. If a customer comments negatively about your brand or encounters a problem with one of your products, you need to respond immediately, not 16-hours later.

Improve Your Response Time

The response time on social media is heading in the same direction as email. Brands are taking anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to respond to messages from clients, which in a word is unacceptable. Queries coming in through social networks need to be treated with the same urgency as phone calls – acknowledge, action, respond. If I have asked a question on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall I am expecting an immediate response. If I wanted to wait up to two days for a response I would have sent an email message instead.

Answer the Darn Question

An easy way to let your customer know that they don’t really matter to you is to use generic copy-paste answers, or to direct a customer to a website or phone number. Granted the social media team won’t be able to answer all queries, but each response should be tailored and personal and explain why the client needs to call a specific department. Some recent examples I encountered:

  • A customer asked who the store manager was for a specific branch. The response came almost an hour later and simply directed the customer to the company’s online store locator. A better response would have been to give the customer the relevant information, and then also inform them of the store locator for future reference.
  • A customer asked a mobile operator if there were any network issues as she was unable to connect to the Internet, even though she was able to make and receive calls. The response directed her to log a query regarding coverage. This would be acceptable if the customer was having ongoing issues, but for an isolated incident this is unnecessary and a simple yes or no response with relevant details would have been better.
  • The same mobile operator also asked a customer to call another department when enquiring about a cellphone deal, something they should be able to answer quite easily themselves.

Stop Selling and Start Engaging

Many brands don’t make any real effort to engage with their customers. Aside from channeling queries to relevant departments (and then forgetting about them), all they seem to do is market themselves endlessly. Engagement should take the form of meaningful questions that relate to problems customers to experience on a regular basis, not “How are you going to use our amazing [new product]?”. As you identify common problems these can be addressed through internal training, and through informative blog posts. Where brands do have their own blog it is usually just an extension of their marketing efforts and filled with promotional noise.

There are brands doing great things with social media, involving all corporate employees rather than just a small department. This is often paired with social listening – a relatively new term, but a very important one (and certainly not just a buzzword) – and it would be wonderful to see more brands starting to do this. Sooner rather than later.

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