Top 10 Best Austin Tree Services

Top Tree Services in Austin

In Austin, having trees in your yard comes with the responsibility of keeping them healthy and in good condition. When there is a diseased or dying tree in your yard, it probably should be removed right away, before the situation gets beyond control. No matter how simple or complicated the task is when you have a tree that needs to be removed, it is advisable to leave it to the hands of the expert, especially when you are speaking about a large tree. Always be aware that tree removal is not a stroll inside the park; that is why it is very important to choose a company that has a great reputation in the tree business. Here is the top list of 10 services in Austin.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an important part of keeping your yard looking neat and healthy in Austin, Texas. For Austin residents, proper tree trimming can help protect their property from overhanging branches that could potentially damage roofs or outdoor equipment. It also helps to reduce the risk of falling limbs during severe weather events and keeps trees in better shape for aesthetic purposes.

An experienced arborist should be called upon to do major tree pruning projects, as this will ensure the job is done correctly and safely. These professionals have the expertise to select which branches need to be removed, thinned out, or shaped to keep a tree’s health and beauty intact while minimizing future maintenance costs. In some cases, tree removal may even be necessary if a dead or diseased tree poses an immediate danger.

Good Guys Tree Service

Austin, TX 78726; (512) 271-6622

We have been the premier and highest-quality provider of Austin tree-trimming services for over 25 years. We work hard to deliver tree trimming services and tree removal services that go above and beyond what our customers would normally expect! Be sure to inquire about our military and senior citizen discounts. We offer Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock tree service with low prices and an honest “don’t pay me until I’ve completed the job” approach. – goodguystreeservice.com

Austin Tree Experts

Austin, TX 78724; (512) 996-9100

Our tree service stands out above the rest. Managed by a team of five ISA-certified arborists, we can handle all tree service needs ranging from small residential projects to 100-acre site development. Austin Tree Experts is more than just a tree trimming service for hire we are arborists. Our customers include thousands of homeowners, local municipalities, apartment complexes, developers, engineers, architects, and contractors. Our services include pruning, removal, planting, fertilizing, air-spading, consulting, construction site services, and more. – austintreeexperts.com

Austin Tree Service

Austin, TX 78717; (512) 341-8888

We provide tree removal and trimming in the Austin and Round Rock areas of Texas. Austin is a unique place as is Round Rock. We love working in and around our community. As you look through these pages, please keep in mind that we work hard to maintain your satisfaction and have been named to Angie’s Super Service Award for four years running. We appreciate your patience and your interest. We aim to be the best tree care service in both Austin and Round Rock. We welcome you to look over our knowledge base which is located in our blog area. We are no longer accepting questions regarding blog posts. – keepaustingreen.com

Austin Tree Surgeons

Austin, TX 78737; (512) 301-4400

Tree Service in Austin, TX that includes trimming, removal treatment, cabling, planting, ball moss removal, and stump grinding. This is all done after a comprehensive diagnosis by an on-staff ISA-certified arborist. We are an all-inclusive tree care company serving the entire Austin, TX area. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We offer reliable, quality service that Austin residents and all of Central Texas have come to trust. All trimming & removal is performed by specially trained climbers who have received extensive training by a certified arborist. We also have a variety of trimming options available such roof clearance, deadwood removal, vista pruning, and complete tree trimming. Arborists will discuss the best course of action based on your desired outcome after taking a look at your trees as well. – austintreesurgeons.com

Better Price Tree Service

Austin, TX 78727; (512) 300-3197

The trimming, pruning, and removal of trees is a specialized job that should only be done by a company with experience and the appropriate equipment. Better Price Tree Service has the experience and the equipment to provide these tree services in a safe way. We aim to provide efficient, quality tree service and are extremely proud of the fact that a large proportion of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers and personal referrals. We offer a wide variety of tree services, from the most basic pruning and trimming to tree removal, and clearing storm damage. – betterpricetreeservice.com

Capitol Tree Care

Austin, TX 78758; (512) 913-6833

Capitol Tree Care, LLC has years of experience proudly serving Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. We are a locally owned tree service company offering tree maintenance prevention and management solutions to help protect your green investments.We are committed to preserving and beautifying central Texas by providing the finest tree services in the area through a science-based approach. We employ Foresters and Certified Arborists to help assure that our clients receive quality assessments, recommendations, and service. Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), highlighting our professionalism and devotion to the tree care industry. – arboristaustin.com

Central Texas Tree Care

Austin, TX 78750; (512) 973-9090

Central Texas Tree Care is proud to be a locally-owned and operated Austin tree service company. Co-owners Andy Johnson, a certified Austin arborist, and Javier Robles are the experts to call when you have a tree care question, no matter how big or small. We have years of experience trimming, removing, and pruning trees in the area and can provide you with a service estimate for your project at no cost. We price our Austin tree services with your budget in mind and guarantee safe and effective care. – centraltexastreecare.com

Envision Landscapes & Tree Service

Round Rock, TX 78665; (512) 767-2372

Envision Landscapes and Tree Service specializes in dangerous tree removals, properly pruning live oaks, and trimming palm trees to perfection. We provide tree trimming and removal services to Round Rock, Hutto, Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Pflugerville areas. Commercial and Residential. Our prices are very affordable and our quality of work is elite. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. In fact, we don’t ask for any money until the job is done to your satisfaction. We also carry a $2,000,000 insurance policy for your protection along with ours. Our customer base is growing rapidly. We have several references no matter which side of town you live on. Estimates are always free. – envisionlandscapes.net

Green Arbors

Austin, TX 78730; (512) 338-6730

We, at Green Arbors, want to ensure that you and your trees get the best service possible, and our main profit is your satisfaction as a tree owner. Unlike the big tree businesses, our service is direct and personal. Our core crew of 6, has a combined experience of almost a CENTURY. As a tree care expert and Green Arbors business owner, I am always the first at a tree site for the initial consultation, then all throughout the tree work, to ensure your trees will look their best and cast their shade for years to come. While our prices are hard to beat, the quality of our service is outstanding because we love what we do: nurture and protect our trees’ quietude and dignity. We strive to save any low limb that can cast a shade, we pay special care to trim those branches that will grow into beautifully shaped canopies, and we have a deep commitment not to harm either the arbors or the birds and animals that found shelter in them. – greenarbors.com

Green Tree and Shrub Care

Kyle, TX 78640; (512) 749-7133

Green Tree & Shrub Care leads the way in the tree care industry by providing you with the latest technology and products to ensure the health of your trees and shrubs. From Organic products that help promote the growing environment that you would find in nature to the latest in insect and disease treatment when nature needs an extra hand. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and to schedule your visit. – greentreeandshrubcare.com

Austin Tree Service

Looking for tree trimming in Austin? Give us a call for affordable tree service that protects the health and beauty of your trees. We are one of the leading at-home cheap tree service companies in the area with a commitment to superior customer service and quality tree care. Call for a free estimate for top-notch tree yard renovations, stump removal, and another tree service.

Worker trimming down a tall tree

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your landscaping, support healthy tree growth, or just reduce hazards like dead or broken limbs that may cause injury, our tree service is a cost-effective solution. Tree pruning helps support the healthy growth of your trees by removing dead, broken, or infected branches.

Trimming trees regularly offers many benefits:

  • Reduces overgrowth that can block sunlight from reaching the lawn and lower branches
  • Removes dead or broken branches that could hurt someone or damage your property
  • Prevents tree limbs from growing with weak crotches or crossing each other and competing
  • Improves the overall structure and appearance of the tree
  • Encourages a greater size and quantity of crops on fruit trees
  • Improves your view and opens up the property

You may be able to prune your own trees provided the trees aren’t taller than you are and you are only removing dead or damaged branches. In some cases, it’s best to leave trimming trees to the professionals. Tree hazards like weak or dead limbs can be difficult to see. A limb may look sturdy and safe but it may be rotten and break as soon as weight is applied. It can also be tricky to determine the path a falling branch will take, especially when using divot cuts to remove large branches.

Our tree service contractors use the proper tree trimming tools such as hedge trimmers, lopping shears, and hand shears as well as personal protective equipment and proper training to deliver flawless results without the risk of injury or damage to your property.

Bush & Tree Removal

We hate removing healthy trees and bushes but sometimes removal is necessary. You may have a tree that was damaged in a storm or a tree that’s dead or dying. These trees can pose a serious safety risk and may threaten your home and loved ones. Diseased trees that can’t be saved may even spread the disease to other trees on your property. When it’s time to remove a tree on your property, call our trained arborists rather than attempting to cut down the tree on your own. Removing a tree can be dangerous, especially without the right equipment.

We recommend tree removal if you notice any of the following:

  • You have soil heaving at the base of your tree
  • You see mushrooms growing at the base of the tree
  • The tree has cavities in the trunk or main branches
  • You have numerous dead or hanging branches in the tree’s upper crown
  • The trunk has to peel bark or cracks
  • The ends of the branches have small twigs with no living buds
  • You see other signs of infection or disease like misshapen leaves or softwood that crumbles
  • The tree is located under power lines
  • The tree is leaning suddenly
  • The tree is too close to your home. The roots can damage your foundation and falling branches can harm your roof.

We also offer bush removal when you’re ready to change up your landscaping or remove a dead or dying bush or shrub.

Stump Grinding

Do you have unsightly stumps left after the tree-cutting service? We offer professional stump removal to quickly and safely remove these eyesores from your property. Tree stumps can be more than an eyesore; they may be a tripping hazard, take up valuable space in your yard, or create a breeding ground for termites and other pests.

There are two ways to remove a tree stump: manual removal or stump grinding. Manual stump removal is a good option for small trees without extensive root systems but many tree stumps are best removed with stump grinding. This service involves the use of a professional-grade stump grinding machine that shreds the stump into mulch and wood chips. The end result is a stump that is 16″ below ground level allowing you to plant a new tree, plants, or grass in the empty space.

Emergency Tree Service

Strong winds or a severe storm can cause significant damage to trees, especially trees that are routinely trimmed or large, mature trees. If you are facing tree damage that needs to be addressed right away, you can count on our tree contractors for affordable, prompt service. We offer 24/7 emergency removal of trees damaged in a storm. We handle everything:

  • Uprooted trees
  • Fallen branches
  • Tree branches on the roof
  • Emergency roof tarping
  • Debris removal

Why We Avoid Tree Topping

Topping a tree refers to removing the entire top of a tree or the large branches and trunks from the top section to leave small lateral branches and stubs. While your first instinct when a tree on your property grows too tall, especially near power lines, may be removing the top, the topping is not recommended. Tree topping can be harmful and even fatal to a tree for many reasons:

  • Too many leaves are removed, damaging the tree’s source of food
  • Shortened limbs that remain offer easy access to disease, insects, and decay
  • The tree will be forced to quickly grow new limbs that are likely weak and susceptible to storm or wind damage
  • New branches can eventually reach the original height

Topping can make your tree structurally unsound and cause the tree to die, in which case the entire tree will need to be removed.

We never advise topping a tree. Instead, regular tree service is encouraged to help reduce the tree’s height and keep the tree healthy. A form of tree landscaping called crown reduction is an affordable tree service that serves as a good alternative to topping your tree. Crown reduction preserves the general structure of your tree yet reduces foliage. Crown reduction reduces the height of some limbs on the upper section of the tree to make the tree shorter. These limbs are only cut to the next lateral growth so the tree can heal and continue growing. In general, no more than 20% of the tree’s canopy is removed at once to avoid stressing the tree.

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