Top 12 Tween Clothing Brands to Shop Online

What are the best clothing stores for Tweens?

They are too old for Carter’s but too young for Express. They are our tweens, girls ages 7 – 13, just left in limbo searching for a style of their own. Clothing is probably the most difficult gift to buy for a tween. Check out our selection of different ideas that are sure to please the most discriminate tween. Each idea is unique and sure to put a smile on their faces.

Where do tween girls buy clothes?

The marvelous thing about being a tween is you can pull off styles and outfits that older teens or adults just can’t. Let your tween girl embrace her youth and dress in whatever represents her nature, but keep the look PG and not R-rated. Whether she’s an aimless shopper, a trendy show-shopper or she likes to grab whatever catches her eye; check out the most popular tween clothing brands and stores online.

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We want to make a curated choice of the best and most popular tween clothes out there. Honestly, we aim to make it the only site you have to visit in need of stylish and trendy outfits. Best of all, save time, share with family for gifts and birthdays. As a result, they will no longer disappoint you with a choice that’s totally out of fashion. Set up a wish list with a link to Tween in style. We have chosen styles we have seen in trend reports, magazines, Instagram, and other online publications. Here you find the right looks, the perfect matching colors, the cute tween dresses, ripped cutoff shorts, prints, some floral, and of cause the right accessories. And the best of all is that we ask what you like and you are a part of the choice! Keep connected!

Here are 12 brands that understand tween girl fashion trends in 2020 and will help your girl ace the middle school fashion game.

Nadiagirl – Tween Girls Clothing

Nadiagirl is a tween girl clothing brand. They aim to empower young women by honoring their truest selves. Made to fit well, move well, and most of all, do well for the girls wearing them. They believe in making clothes that are comfortable on your skin, so you can be comfortable in yours.

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Cute Tween Clothing for Girls | Brand for Girl Clothing | NadiaGirl

Bloomingdales Cute Tween Girls Dresses

From casual to party dresses, printed to ruffled, Bloomingdale’s offers exclusive designer dresses for tweens. Bloomingdale’s showcases mainstream brands such as Lacoste and Levi’s. Check out t Bardot Junior line that has taken adult, fashion-forward designs and shaped them into exciting tween dresses.

Bloomingdale’s tweens via

Bloomie’s is a tradition for high fashion wardrobe additions, and site selection for tweens is no exception. From dashing shirts for boys to pretty party dresses for girls, consider it your one-stop shop for high-quality apparel and casual wear that will satisfy both you and your tween.


Always hip, fun, and relaxed look at Union Bay. The clothing fit really well and has a lot of really great styles for any kid. Your teen will not only look good but feel good since a lot of the clothing is still high-quality cotton and other blends. From cargo shorts to cargo pants to jeans and comfortable t-shirts – it has all the relaxed feel with comfort.


These clothes will not wear easily and great for hand my downs or pass them along to your younger cousins. Most clothing will not tear easily like the other lower-end priced stores. See Unionbay’s latest trends.

Shop Union Bay Now

Forever 21 Cute Clothes for Tweens

Keep your mini-me ahead of the style curve in Forever 21 tween girls’ clothing. Choose from a variety of floral, printed, belted, and t-shirt dresses. Shop the latest in girls’ fashion to find the perfect look.  Forever 21 “provides clothing for girls that encourage them to stand out and develop their own fashion sense”.

The tween line ranges in price from $4 to $25 and includes items from jumpsuits and maxi dresses to jeans and graphic tees.


Kohls is your one-stop shop for the cutest & most on-trend styles in tween girls’ clothing.
We had Justice as one of our top 10 – Tween retailers Justice Is closing all stores soon and is under new ownership.  My daughter will be heartbroken. So we selected Kohl’s since they always have really great sales. We love that they always have really great clearance selections.

See their current Kohl’s clearance choices for the upcoming season.

Shop Kohls Now

The Children’s Place

Shop for the cutest girls’ apparel that is fun and functional and very fashionable at The Children’s Place. Get this season’s hottest looks at low prices in every style, size, and color. Children’s clothing, accessories, and equipment! Clothing of high quality for your children. From clothing to shoes, shop some of your favorite brands. Everyday clothes for young girls emphasizes functionality while being attractive.

Athleta Girl

Athleta Girl makes clothing that tweens are comfortable to be active in through both the fit and style of the garments as well as their empowering message: “The Power of She.” Athleta was founded in 1998 to meet the unique needs of athletic women. Acquired by Gap, Inc. in 2008, we opened our first store in Mill Valley, California in 2011. 2016 saw the launch of the community-driven Power of She campaign and the debut of Athleta Girl.

Athleta Girl Vacay All Day Romper | Athleta

The Athleta Girl line provides the same game-changing fabrics and designs perfect for a potential leader on and off the field after earning a special place in the hearts of yogis, cyclists, musicians, and active movers around the world. With the unstoppable promise of every girl in mind, buy a range of bottoms, tops, sports bras, and outerwear.

Shop Athleta Girl Now


Great place for accessories! From earrings to bracelets, headbands, rings, purses, hairpins, and so much other fun stuff. This truly is any girl’s favorite place to shop – especially for birthday gifts too. No teen can resist this store at the mall. I’ve never seen a tween just walk by and not want to go in and just look at all the latest trends in accessories. There are unbelievable selections when it comes to bangles, purses,  and hair accessories. See Claire’s latest trends and supersavers in hair accessories.

Shop Claire’s Now

H & M Tween Fashion

Shop online for cool clothes for girls aged 8 to 14 at H&M. From stylish denim to cute tops, dresses, and more, find great outfits for school and weekends. Comfy, practical, and bursting with vibrant colors and charming prints – H&M has clothes and accessories for your girl’s every need. Refresh your tween’s wardrobe with the latest fashion trends at H&M.

H&M Tween Fashion
H&M Tween Fashion via

Look no further than H&M when you want to stock up on trendy finds without breaking the bank. Its bright prints, crazy-soft fabrics, and trendy styles such as slogan tees and snapback caps make the retailer uber-popular with kids.

Shop H&M Now

Old Navy

To stay true to their mission of amplifying the voices of this generation, Old Navy and POPSUGAR designed their first-ever Tween Line alongside a team of diverse tween ambassadors who provided unique insights and style inspiration that are reflected throughout the line.  At Old Navy, shopping for tweens’ clothing is fun, easy, and affordable. Get her favorite fashion essentials, including girls’ jeans, dresses, and school uniforms. Their fresh new selection includes tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories for boys and girls as well as unisex styles. Girls’ clothes at Old Navy are always cute, current, and affordable. Shop by size on new arrivals, seasonal must-haves, wardrobe staples, and activewear.

New Tween line via
New Tween line via

Go to Old Navy for a budget-friendly price in the latest up-to-date denim & fashion. This ideal school wardrobe includes kid-approved tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Tween Clothing from Target

Shop tween girls’ clothing and accessories you will love at great low prices at Target. Dressing tween girls is super easy when you find stylish yet affordable options like what some of the Target brands offer.

I love shopping at Target because their clothes are high-quality.

Shop Target Now

American Eagle

Now she can wear teen-worthy (but still mom-appropriate) styles just like her friends.  This season, casual basic, and sporty is the preferred choice for tweens going back to school. Surprise your tween with a fun style for a wardrobe that is unique to them.

American Eagle Haul for Tweens
American Eagle for Tweens via hi Sugarplum!

American Eagle provides the casually hip tween with plenty of school or weekend choices, in addition to a packed jean shop complete with a range of sizes and cool fashion designs. Comfortable sleepwear sets, shoes, and daily accessories guarantee the completeness of every outfit.

J Crew Crewcuts – Cutest Girl Clothing

Having a daughter has gotten me really excited about little girl’s clothes. One of my favorite places for inspiration is Crewcuts, no surprise there. I love the styling and whimsy in J.Crew’s newest Crew Cuts line (not to mention the tween outfits I would even wear myself).


If your tween has a fashion eye and an affinity for all classic stuff, J. For boys and girls, Crew is a must-shop place full of designs.

Zara Online Shop for Tweens

Based in Spain but known around the world, Zara offers chic yet comfortable clothing for kids. Comfortable and stylish latest trends in clothing for tween girls updated weekly at ZARA online. Clothing from Zara lets tweens show off their creativity, expressing their unique personalities and ideas.

tween jeans fashion via Zara

Suit up at Zara in the hottest and trendiest shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, and more. A tween range that’s just as trendy as its adult equivalent is offered by the European brand renowned for its quality pieces at affordable prices.

Abercrombie Kids

Abercrombie Kids always has the latest and greatest in tween clothes for every season. And right now, we are particularly pleased with the selection. Casual, All-American clothing with laidback sophistication. Shop jeans, tees, dresses, skirts, sweaters, outerwear, fragrance & accessories. Kids’ clothing is not designed for those over 5’4″, so if your tween hits a growth spurt, it’ll be time to move up to the adult Abercrombie and Fitch store.

Abercrombie kids
Gender-Neutral Clothing Collection via Abercrombie kids

Abercrombie has long been a successful teen brand everywhere, and the tween line offers the ideal pieces in style for changing seasons. Shop chunky sweaters of high quality with cool, signature details that will make it a favorite for your boy.


And let’s not forget Amazon. Shop among the most buzz-worthy brands and find a number of categories on Amazon, such as leggings, jeans, swimwear, sets, shirts, activewear, and much more. Prime members offer discount and delivery benefits as well as choices for Prime Wardrobe to retain an always-only.

Which Outfit do you like the best?

Amazon is a go-to for anything and everything—top-notch Tween styles are no exception. Your Prime account is the best way to solve any wardrobe problem easily, whether you have neglected to buy a dress for photo day or need a paisley jacket for an upcoming wedding.

So, what is a Tween anyway?

You have heard the term tween but what exactly does it mean? In the modern-day, it refers to a person between the ages of 9-12. Advertisers came up with the term to refer to a new demographic. “Too old for toys but too young for boys”. LOL! Kids between the ages of 9 and 12 (and sometimes as early as 8) are in between a child and a teen. Tweens are beginning to develop their sense of self, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Life sure has changed a lot in the past 25 years. I remember when I was my kid’s age (9 and 10) I played with Barbies, rode my bike around playing cops and robbers, and loved Saturday morning cartoons. I didn’t have a computer, phone, or tablet. With media and technology, kids’ interests have changed and the tween was born. I hope to provide support, information, and fun as I navigate through the tween years. Wish me luck!

Tween Dresses

We are certainly going into a new season with new trends right now. Accordingly, we are looking all over for new tween dresses we think you would fall in love with! With this in mind, we have been searching all over the net and through social media.

tween style
These Happy Middle School Girls are imaged by @nordstrom

For the purpose of effective trend research, we follow some important teen and women wear accounts. As a result, we are able to predict what could transform into tween fashion and junior style.

All in all, these are good styles that will keep in fashion for some seasons. Further, we also chose age-appropriate outfits to make you look more stylish according to your age.

Some brands use older models and the dresses look short, but it is made according to your height and age. As we know, these models are always thin and tall! That’s mostly because fashion is trying to express a dream image. In other words. make your own dream image with the dresses you like!

Jackets for Tweens

To find the best choice of Girls Jackets and outerwear for girls age 7-14 years we have looked for classic and neutral styles. We think that outerwear should fit with most of the clothes girls wear. For that reason, we have made a particular choice to fit most girls but still keeping it trendy with a special touch.

Girls jackets for transition and Spring are dominated by satin bombers, denim bombers with patches and details as well as down classic vests and not to mention the biker or moto jacket. We can not stay away from Moncler down vests and jackets that are classic and trendy and will last you forever. They have been here forever as well! We call that trend “the city puff jacket“. Sporty hoodies are also here to stay and they have also been transformed into sweater hoodie dresses. We love them!

Standardized Tween Size Chart 

Standardized size chart. Tween Standardized Body Measurements for ages 8 through 14 years old. Buy safer online.

  • Measurements are important when you buy online.
  • We have joined most of the brands that specialize in Tween Girls Clothing
  • Set a standardized measurement according to body type.
  • When altering from the Tween in Style standardized measurements we will point this out in the product description.

Try to measure as correctly as you can from the guide below:

How to measure your child:

  1. Height/length: Measure from the top of the head to the ground without shoes.
  2. Chest: With your child’s arms out, measure around the fullest part of the chest/around the shoulder blades.
  3. Waist: Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose.
  4. Hip: Stand with your heels together, and measure around the fullest part of your hips.
  5. Arm Length: Measure from the shoulder edge to the wrist bone with the elbow slightly bent.
  6. Inside Leg Length: measure from the crotch line to the bottom of the floor.

Standardized Size Chart for Tween Girls.

Size Age Height Weight Chest Waist Hips Arm length In seam
S 7 45-46″ 49-55 lbs 25″ 23.5″ 27″ 17.5″ 22″
8 47-48″ 56-62 lbs 27″ 24″ 28″ 18.5″ 23″
M 10 51-56″ 69-75 lbs 28.5″ 25″ 30″ 20.5″ 25.5″
L 12 57-60″ 85-95 lbs 30″ 26″ 32″ 22″ 27.5″
XL 14 59-63″ 99-115 lbs 31.5″ 27″ 34″ 22.5″ 29.5″

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