Weekend Trip to Waco Zoo

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco

One of the top features in Waco is the award-winning natural habitat Zoo. You can spend all day here admiring all the animals. The Waco Zoo is located on 52 acres of lush landscaping create a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

Beautiful sleeping rhino at the Waco Zoo.

There are 5 different rhino’s: Rhinos of the World, White rhinoceros, Black rhinoceros, Indian rhinoceros, Javan rhinoceros, Sumatran rhinoceros

You can do the zoo in about a few hours if you go a steady pace. You can ultimately do the zoo in a half a day or you can do the circuit twice. You may be able to spot the Venomous Viper you did not spot before.

The zoo’s trail is created so you can feel like you are surrounded by lush native vegetation that surrounds each pathway. The pathway is easy to follow. Don’t bother with the map – the map is very confusing. Best to just follow the road.

I would start to the left of Monkey Island. When you enter the zoo area – head to the left. The signs to the indoor enclosures seem like it was created for the crowds coming from the left.

The unique habitat you will see belongs to the monkeys on Monkey Island. An observation deck allows you to watch these amazing creatures for hours in their natural habitat. There is a small pond separating you and the little monkey.

Here’s a cute giraffe at the Waco Zoo at the Safari Exhibit

Several locations around the zoo allow you to go into buildings and enjoy the smaller creatures in their own habitat, like snakes, frogs, and various fish and spiders, and more.

The Waco Zoo is in on 52-acre Natural Habitat along the Brazos River.

Waco Zoo Educational Program

Cameron Park Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums, specializing in global wildlife conservation. There are programs you can sign up for on their website. I found it educational enough just walking and reading the signs. It would be more beneficial to have a guided tour or know about some of the educational programs they offer.

Waco Zoo Scavenger Hunt

This year they have a scavenger for the kiddos. It’s so much fun!! Each month they have a theme based on an animal. For full details go check it out. Waco Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Waco Zoo Summer Camp Program

Have you ever had summer camp based in the zoo? How much fun would that be?? Camp activities and education with fun activities giving kids a creative outlet to learn and feel like they are having a fun summer. This is a no-brainer… right? Game and activities based right at the zoo for kiddos from k-6th grade. Snack will be provided and they offer a week-long curriculum. Check out Summer Camp Waco Zoo Program

Waco Zoo Field Trip

Don’t tell the kids. There are markers all over the zoo helping you understand the animal, where they originate, and facts about them. I was impressed – I learned a lot and I thought I knew it all.

This is a learning experience, and seeing the animals in their natural structured habitat helps put their size into perspective. Kids enjoy the animals and can read the markers. If the kiddos are too young -read it for them. Trust me – they will be listening.

Cameron Park Zoo is also available for weddings, corporate outings, birthday parties, and other special events.

This is a Kori Bustard – a heavy-set bird.

Kori Bustard

These heavy-bodied, ground-dwelling birds are found in the short grass plains and lightly wooded savannas of East and South Africa. They are omnivores, eating a variety of plants, reptiles, rodents, and insects. The majority of bustard species occur in Africa, although they are also found in Southern Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Before you go

Things you need to know about Cameron Park Zoo

Here are some good tips for you to know before you head out. These tips are considering you will be going with your entire family.

Even the little alligators are cute and very fascinating
  • Wear GOOD walking shoes. There will be lots of ups & downs – very hilly kind of zoo.
  • Bring mosquito spray. There are several ponds around the animals that can not be avoided. There is a lot of running water – the Mosquitos may come from the Brazos River.
  • Bring your own Stroller if it fits in the car. If not, they will have strollers to rent – singles & doubles. Remember the zoo located on 52-acres. So there is alot of walking.
  • Bring your own food and water. – The food selection is limited and not something I would feed my kiddos. They allow you to bring your own food. Just be aware of what you place your food in – plastic baggies and straws are frowned upon.
  • There are hills, and the pathways will go up and down.
  • Bring your camera! There will be lots of opportunities to take tons of pictures.
  • Parking is Free. But it is a very small lot and does tend to fill up. You may have to park in the overflow parking.


1701 N 4th St
Waco, TX 76707


Admission fees:

  • Adults(13+) – $12.50
  • Children 3-12 yrs – $9.50
  • Sr. Citizens (60+) – $11.50
  • Children 2 yrs old and under – Free


Mon-Sat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Cameron Park Zoo is fully accessible.

Call 254-750-8400 for general Zoo information.

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